The Results of Good Behaviour

The Father

My child! Think and see how do you wish your children to treat you and what do you expect from them. Then you would know how your father and mother want you to treat them, and you will understand that their expectations from you are fair and justified.

My child! If you wish your children to treat you nicely, appreciate you, and fulfil their obligations to you; and in the hard times, share your sorrow; and in the good times, be the source of your pride, in short to treat you with good behaviour, then do likewise for your father and mother and set yourself as an example for them, Imam As-Sadiq (as) says:

بروا آباءكم يبركم ابناءكم

“Treat your fathers with benevolence, so that your children will treat you with benevolence.” 1

The Child

It is my ardent desire to have quite capable children to help me out, and to cherish me. Thus, as they have said, I will have to improve myself and to establish an equitable relationship between you and me so that according to the principle of equal returns be worthy of having favourite children. Right now, I pledge to treat you in no way but with utmost benevolence.

  • 1. Tohaf-al-Aqool, p.359