Now, light is shining in the dawn of the hours of your life. And the morning is breathing a sweet fragrance that fills the heart with happiness.

She [the girl] chants, "O God! At the beginning of my life and during my first moments of religious responsibility, I thank You! I thank You because You looked at me from Your sacred throne and made me deserving to obey You and become religiously responsible."

Then, the sacred voice addresses her from the sky of mercy, "O My girl! Enter the yard of My Tenderness and Love!"

Really, these moments will never be erased from the memory and the heart of the girl.

She asks, "O my God! Have I, the girl who used to play and enjoy childhood a few months and years ago, become a responsible girl? Am I to be asked about everything I say and do? Have I really started my journey of religious responsibility through life?"

She is answered, "Yes, my dear girl, you have."

When you were a child, you used to be in the presence of The Most High God. Now, you are still in His presence, but there is an important difference between childhood and adulthood. It is that you will now start one of the most beautiful experiences of your life which, we promise, is going to be the most important too.

We offer you this book as a gift because you have started your journey of religious responsibility. This small book that you softly carry with your hands will accompany you along this new experience, and it will be your faithful friend.

During your travel from the innocent childhood towards the chaste and righteous youth, this friend will supply you with all the delicious nutrition for the mind and the soul. In addition to the basic flowers of knowledge, it will provide you from Islam's orchard with fruits perfumed with the fragrance of the intellect of Prophet Muhammad's Household (God's peace and blessings bestowed upon them).

Come on, you pure girl. Let us wander among the papers of this book in order to pick these flowers and eat these fruits. As a result, we will elevate to the skies of piety, guidance, and obedience to God. God loves us so much, so we worship Him as a sign of our love and glorification to Him.