The Social Role of the Responsible Girl

After your journey in the wonderful garden of Islam and after picking the flowers of knowledge from it, have you started to recognize the features of your chaste, faithful, and successful future? Have you realized the nature of the role that you have to play in this life as a responsible human being and as an effective member in your society?

You are responsible to answer these questions. Why? It is so because nobody but you can take the decision of being either:

• a committed girl who is aware of the duties that she has to carry out and who is ready to do so

• or a negligent girl who is not ready to carry out her duties even though she is aware of them.

Why not to be ready? Let us discuss the reasons.

The first reason is that the girl does not really believe in these duties and in this role. This is called weakness of faith. She acknowledges that God and the hereafter exist; that God sent the prophets with divine messages and books; that performing the duties announced in the messages leads her to Heaven; and that the human being has to play an effective role in the society. Although she acknowledges all of this, she is not ready to endure some difficulties on this path.

Islam gives you the solution for this problem: “The eagerness does not get short for what the heart believes in.” This means that if you have a true faith, your eagerness will increase and then you will perform your duties.

Therefore, believe in your creed, use your intellect, and understand well what the religion imposes on you.

The second reason is that there are obstacles, which we call "conspiracy". This conspiracy is plotted against the girl, especially the Muslim one, in order to rob her of her human identity, to deviate her from the path of chastity, and to enter her into the mazes of loss and absurdity.

Frankly, this conspiracy is found in every modern cloth, printed material, and story. We can also figure it in the television programs and in films and in songs. We fear that weakness penetrates into your and your peers' hearts. This may throw you into a state of loss and then make you abandon your duties and linger in performing the role appointed to you in this life.

If you do not go up now on the ladder of success, when will you do this?

Beware of messing around, distraction, abandoning the duties, and bad morals.