The Universal Vision

Look at the creatures around you. You are able to see, touch, and feel them by means of your senses. Here appears a question: "Are the things I know through my senses the only things there? Or are there other things that I do not feel by my senses, yet they exist?" This is a very important question that belongs to a group of similar great questions, such as:

Who created me and the creatures of the world? How should I live in order to attain happiness? Where will I go after this life?
May God's Mercy be bestowed upon him who knows, "Where did I come from?" "Where am I living?" and "Where will I go?"
Imam Ali ibn Abi Taleb (God's peace bestowed upon him)

You must not delay or ignore the answers to these great questions because they are related to the reason of your existence. When you get the answers and when you believe that these answers are true, they form what is known as "the creed" or "the universal vision".

The universal vision can be divine or non-divine.

When God sends a revelation to His prophets (God's peace bestowed upon them) to answer these questions, the result of these answers will be a "divine universal vision". On the other hand, when limited human minds provide several answers to these questions, the result will be "various non divine universal visions".

The universal vision of each human being has a basic influence on the building of his/ her personality.
Imam Al-Khamene’i (May God lengthen his presence among us)

Regarding the existence, the divine universal vision in The Noble Qur'an explains for us the following:

1. The Most High God is the source of this existence. The One and the Only God is our Creator and the Creator of everything around us. He is our Lord Who guides us, and He is our God Who deserves our worship. There is nothing like Him, and He owns all the perfections that can be imagined.

His is the real life from which He offers life for all the creatures. He is the Real Knower, and all knowledge comes from Him. He is the Most Capable, and no one but He has the capacity, for every capacity comes from Him.

Next to oneness, justice is among God's most important characteristics. This means that He oppresses nobody and prevents nobody from reaching the perfection he/she is aiming at.

Monotheism is the origin and the basis of all creeds. It is our greatest and most important creed. And on its basis, we believe that The Most High God is the Only One Who created this world and all the other worlds.
Imam Al-Khomeini (May his secret be sacred)

2. The Most High and Glorified God sent the prophets (God's peace bestowed upon them) to carry out a great mission: guiding the people to the straight path. He chose them because they are purified from sins and bad deeds and because they have sublime souls.

All the prophets called for the one divine religion i.e. Islam. The last and greatest one was The Master of the Messengers Muhammad ibn Abdullah (God's prayers bestowed upon him and his Household) who announced Islam completely to all the people.

After Prophet Muhammad (God's prayers bestowed upon him and his Household), twelve Imams [Authorities] continued this sacred mission. The first one was Ali ibn Abi Taleb (God's peace bestowed upon him). The last one is Imam Al-Mahdi (May God hasten his honorable revelation). Imam Al-Mahdi disappeared because people were turning away from the divine religion and not fighting for God's sake, ordering with what is good, and forbidding what is bad. He is going to appear at the end of this time in order to establish the righteous and the just government.

Even if only one day remains from this life, God will lengthen that day till He sends to people a man from my Household.
The Noblest Prophet (God's prayers bestowed upon him and his Household)

3. God will resurrect [bring back to life] people after they die for the account. He will punish the wrong doers and reward the good doers during a day called "The Judgment Day". Then, He will send the pagan and the wrong doer to Hell while He will send the believer and the good doer to Heaven.

Therefore, this life is not everything. The real life is the hereafter where God will show all the truths and will immortalize [keep forever] the people either in Heaven or in Hell according to their creeds and deeds in this life.

My dear! These are the origins of religion and some of its parts. What you have to do, at first, is to think deeply about them. Second, you have to make sure that they are correct by means of learning and referring to the mental evidence provided by the books and the scholars. Third, you have to believe in them in order to have your life, path, and resurrection on their basis.

Surah At-Takathur, 102:1-8

أَلْهَاكُمُ التَّكَاثُرُ {1}

The mutual rivalry for piling up (the good things of this world) diverts you (from the more serious things),

حَتَّىٰ زُرْتُمُ الْمَقَابِرَ {2}

Until ye visit the graves.

كَلَّا سَوْفَ تَعْلَمُونَ {3}

But nay, ye soon shall know (the reality).

ثُمَّ كَلَّا سَوْفَ تَعْلَمُونَ {4}

Again, ye soon shall know!

كَلَّا لَوْ تَعْلَمُونَ عِلْمَ الْيَقِينِ {5}

Nay, were ye to know with certainty of mind, (ye would beware!)

لَتَرَوُنَّ الْجَحِيمَ {6}

Ye shall certainly see Hell-Fire!

ثُمَّ لَتَرَوُنَّهَا عَيْنَ الْيَقِينِ {7}

Again, ye shall see it with certainty of sight!

ثُمَّ لَتُسْأَلُنَّ يَوْمَئِذٍ عَنِ النَّعِيمِ {8}

Then, shall ye be questioned that Day about the joy (ye indulged in!).