Comparison Between The Rights In The Islamic And The Universal Declarations

Title of the Rights
1 Equality in the principle of human dignity Article 1a Article 1
2 The Right of merit and dignity acquired through evolutionary and ideological needs. Article 1a and Article1b Nil, Implied in the Articles
3 The Right of enjoining the rights before the Islamic law, renouncing all kinds of discrimination Implied in the Articles
4 The Right to life,
Prohibiting abortion,
Depriving the human beings from bringing forth off springs
Article 2
Article 2b
Articles 3,7,8
Article 10
5 The Right of human funeral and the dead to respect Article 2d Nil
6 The right of innocent persons, such as women, old persons and children to protect during the conflicts.
Providing medical aid to the wounded, caring for the captives and prohibiting the mutilation for the dead.
Article 3 Nil included in the covenants since this declaration , such as the Geneva Convention
7 The Right of persons that their farms and civil constructions will not be destroyed during the conflicts. Article 3b Nil
8 The Right to protect one’s reputation and dignity before and after death Article 2d Article 22
9 The Right to form family without hindrance or discrimination Article 5a Article 16
10 The Rights of women and their equality to men in dignity and heir independent civil positions and financial assets Article 6 and other Articles Different Articles
Article 16
11 The Right of the family to be supported by the man Article 6 Nil in this context
12 The Right of the child to material and spiritual care Article 7a Article 25b
13 The Rights of the fetus and the mother Article 7 Article 25, neglecting the fetus
14 The Rights of the parents and guardians to choose the form of education for their children Article 7b Article 26d
15 The Right of the parents upon their sons and the rights of the relatives Article 7d Nil
16 The Right to nationality Nil Article 15
17 The Right of enjoying legal competence in responsibility and liability Article 8 Numerous Articles
18 The Right of the individual to education for the sake of development Article 9a Article 29
19 The Right of the individual to religious and modern education Article 9b Article 29, without emphasis
20 The Right to follow the faith of one’s natural disposition Article 10 Nil
21 The Right to freedom Article 11a Not Specified
22 The Right to be freed from the fetters of imperialism and to be independent Article 11a Not Specified
23 The Right of the individual to freedom of movement and to seek refuge Article 12 Articles 13 and 14
24 The Right to work and to its free choice and safety Article 13 Articles 23, 24 and 25
25 The Right to lawful profit and prohibiting usury Article 14 Not Specified
26 The Right to ownership; prohibiting expropriation and confiscation Article 15 Article 17
27 The Right to be benefited by one’s scientific and literary achievements Article 16 Article 22
28 The Right of the individual to be provided with a clean moral environment Article 17a Article 29, not emphasized
29 The Right to health and social care Article 17b Article 25
30 The Right of the individual to enjoy life Article 17c Article 25
31 The Right to security of persons, religion, family, honor and finances Article 18a Articles 3, 12, and 22
32 The Right to independence in residence, family, wealth, and communications Article 18b Article 12
33 The Right of privacy of one’s house Article 18c Article12
34 The Right to resort to legal recourse Article 19e Article 11
35 The Right to enjoy the principal of being innocent from penalty of law unless proven guilty Article 19e Article11
36 The Right to be free in conduct and general behavior, and prohibiting undue limits;
prohibiting torture and actions degrading human prestige and taking of hostages
Article 20

Article 21

Articles 5,9,11 and 14
37 The Right to freedom of speech Article 22 Article 19
38 The Right to enjoin good and forbid evil Article 22b Nil
39 The Right of the individual to defend his respect against insult and to prohibit violating human values and instigating hatred Article 22 Nil
40 The Right of the individual to participate in the administrative and political decision making Article 23 Articles 21 a, b and c
41 The Right to security and freedom from anxiety because of one’s beliefs Article 10 in detail Article 18 and 28
42 The Right to freedom of expression without being concerned about one’s beliefs Article 10 in detail Article19
43 The Right to forming peaceful assemblies and associations Article 23 Article 20
44 The Right to join trade unions and associations General
Article 23
45 The Right to rest and enjoy holidays Article 13 Article 24