The Darkened Earth

Every nation had a guide in an apostle from God and there was not left anyplace on the Earth which had not a warner or a guide (10:47, 16:36, 35:24) to fight the satanic forces of evil and wickedness which effectively ruled over the thoughts and actions of the human race. Satan had beguiled every nation of the world and had taken every nation far away from goodness in thought and action. Corruption ruled all over the world:-

“Mischief had appeared in the land and the sea, of what was wrought by the hands of mankind...” (Holy Qur'an 29:41)

Asia, which was the birthplace of the religious guides and the apostles of God, had become the seat of all sorts of idolatry and heinous crimes were committed in the name of religion. People in India worshipped not only their own gods and goddesses but also animals, the serpents, the trees, the mountains, the rivers, the sun, the moon, and the stars. Many such objects were invoked as demigods or the agents of God, who were believed to be able to grant the prayers of man. To appease the anger or to gain the pleasure of the deities, all kinds of rituals and offerings, including human sacrifices were offered. The teachings of the sacred Vedas in India had created sects and sub-sects and had instituted communal hatred and caste distinctions as a part of the religious observances. Women had been deprived of any place in the human society and denied the right of inheritance. Woman was not only freely used by man in the licentious satisfaction of that sexual urge in him, in the uncontrolled and the unrestricted polygamy but was subjected to the disgraceful system of Polyandry. In India a woman had no right to live after her husband but to burn herself to death, in the same fire in which her husband s body was cremated.

Persia was worshipping fire as God and the people believed in two independent gods of virtue and vice, i.e., Mazda and Ahriman. The countries towards the Pacific were also buried deep under similar fantastic beliefs. Buddha had come to create the spirit of self-annihilation or self-denial in the day-to-day life of man but he was misunderstood and quite a new and most impracticable creed became innovated in his name, demanding humanity to tear itself away from the human society and to resort to wilderness and to live on begging as the ‘Bhikshus’.

The countries professing the religion of the Church founded in the name of Christ, had started preaching the belief in three gods: Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. This peculiar phenomenon of three in one and one in three, had created diverse schisms and conflicting sects which vied with one another in exploiting their brand as to how the man Jesus could also be God and how one could be three, and the same three could remain one. The most impracticable ideals were preached, i.e. turning the other cheek when one is smitten and surrendering the coat also when the cloak is taken away.

“And unto him that smiteth thee on the one cheek, offer also the other, and him that taketh away thy cloak forbid not to take thy coat also."

“Give to every man that asketh thee, and of him that taketh away thy goods ask them not.” (Luke 6:20, 30).

Such horrible excesses were committed by the Christians in their heartless persecution of even the monotheistic Jews, that the records of their barbarous atrocities are absolutely unsurpassed in the history of the world.

Not to uproot any evil but in their madness to swell the ranks of the followers of their own established churches, the inhuman atrocities and the brutal conduct of the Christian authorities would need volumes to relate them in all their details. Gibbon has pictured their character and conduct in his famous work ‘The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire’:

“At Minorea”, says Gibbon, “the clerics of St. Stephen converted in eight days five hundred and forty Jews; with the help, “indeed, of some wholesome seventies, such as burning the synagogues, driving the obstinate infidels to starve among the rocks etc”. In Alexandria the Jews were “expelled from the city, their houses plundered and their synagogues appropriated to the use of the Church. The account of the Jews who were plundered, sent away naked, banished, starved, tortured, left to perish in prison, hanged and burnt by the Christians would fill many volumes."

Gibbon further reports: "In almost every province of the Roman world, an army of fanatics without authority and without discipline, invaded the peaceful inhabitants; and the ruins of the fairest structures of antiquity still display the ravages of those barbarians who alone had time and inclination to execute such laborious destruction."

Why go far to explore the ancient history of Christianity? Let us take into account the recent atrocious and inhuman attack of Rome (Italy), the seat of the supreme head of the Christian Religion, the Pope, on another poor Christian country, Abyssinia, in World War II: Italy played havoc upon the poor, helpless, ill-armed Abyssinians, merely for some territorial lust. Should not the intelligent ones and the free-thinkers question these Church authorities, if these acts were according to the teachings of Jesus? Should not the intelligent ones and the free-thinkers among our Christian brethren question their Church authorities? What happened to the commandment referred to in (Luke 6:29-30).

Arabia presented a consolidated view of all kinds of vices and crimes which were current in the different countries around it. Along with all the barbaric inhuman character and the brutal conduct found elsewhere in the world, Arabia had added something still more grievous and further heinous in nature.

Idolatry had been so much ingrained in the nature of the people that besides the three hundred and sixty idols in the very sacred shrine of the Ka’ba, the House built by Abraham and his son Ishmael, exclusively for the worship of the One True God, there were also household gods of every family and every house. And every individual had his own fancied favourite guardian deity which he held as his personal favourite god. Before a man started on a journey, he would carry with him four stones, three to make the hearth, and the fourth to be worshipped, and sometimes only three stones were thought to suffice, for after the cooking was over, one of the stones of the hearth, could be worshipped.

Stepmothers were inherited by the issues of a dead father, to be wifed, and female babies were buried alive because of a fanciful shame against giving away one’s daughter to another man to be his wife.

Heartless plunder of travellers and of the unprotected habitations had become a proud profession.

Use of all sorts of intoxicants had neither any restriction nor control.

Angels were hailed as the daughters of God. Famous ancestors of the people were worshipped as the agents of gods.

Fantastic superstitions had gained the strongest hold upon the minds of the people.

Internecine feuds were of the greatest concern to the people which engaged their whole attention for generations together. Human destiny was imagined to be determined and decided by certain stars.

A controlled and disciplined life was a mockery to the people. People led a nomadic life, wandering with their cattle and camping under the tents of camel-skin wherever they found water and shade and forage for their animals. A settled and a peaceful life which was essential for cultivation of the human society and culture, was not only unknown to the people but seemed to be impracticable. Petty groups of people lived in small villages and still smaller groups had settled down in small townships. The whole of the Peninsula was divided into independent petty habitations, each tribe and clan assuming itself into a separate political unit. Hostilities once started continued for generations together.

Women were treated as mere chattels, as objects to serve man, to satisfy his animal passions (i.e., his sexual lust), without any right to inherit their deceased fathers, husbands or other relatives. A woman could be teased and tortured to any extent at the un-controlled fancy of man. She could be left in suspense, neither being allowed to marry nor divorced. Woman's lot was very miserable. Besides polyandry which was freely practised, prostitution was also rife as a recognized profession. The treatment meted out to womanhood was saturated with contempt.

The dreadful belief in the existence of genies and evil spirits, played havoc in the minds of the people and had found a solution in the use of fanciful charms and incantations. Peculiar and fanciful beliefs about the existence of the human soul after its leaving the corporeal body were maintained by the people and the worship of the dead formed a part of their religion.

Nowhere on the earth were current the practices or original teachings of any of the apostles of God. Corruption ruled all over the earth, and vice and wickedness had darkened it altogether.

The Land of Advent of the Last Apostle of God

The peoples in the various parts of the earth had been given guidance from God in their respective languages through the apostles. Yet man followed Satan and led a wild and brutal life. The people of the barren sandy desert of Arabia, led a nomadic life, roaming in the waterless plains with their herds of cattle and settling down wherever they found water for themselves and pasture for their animals. Most of the land was not suitable for grains and the soil and the climate could grow only date palms on it.

The staple diet of the people was dates and the milk of camel and sheep. Owing to the scarcity of any other means of earning their livelihood, the people in groups preyed on each other for their own survival and thus got addicted to the worst of crimes such as plunder, pillage and carnage which had become their personal traits and profession. Drinking and debauchery were a part of daily life.

After the death of their fathers, the men possessed their stepmothers as their wives, and out of a fanciful shame against giving their daughters to be the wives of the others, they buried alive their own female babies. Individual selfishness and group interest had been so much ingrained in their blood and emotions that a mere trifle of an offence against any individual was sufficient to generate warfare between the tribes for ages and generations together. There was no law for man to resort to, and might alone was considered to be right. The people were not only drowned in ignorance but were also most unyielding in nature.

The Darkness Demanded the Promised Light

The hopeless situation on the earth against which the infinite knowledge of the All-Knowing and the All-Merciful Creator Lord had already determined the panacea, had dawned. The darkness which shrouded the earth, demanded the dawn of the Brightest Light which had been promised by the Lord. At last dawned the heaven's Brightest Light in the arrival of Muhammad, the Last Apostle of God who was called by Buddha as Maetrea (i.e., the Mercy), by the Prophets preceding Jesus as The Prophet, and by Jesus with several glorious titles viz., 'The Spirit of Truth,' 'The Comforter,' and 'The Holy Ghost' etc.

The Lord's Covenant with Abraham Fulfilled

At last on the 17th of the Lunar Month Rabiul Awwal in the Year of the Elephant (Amul Feel) A.D. 587, Muhammad the Divine Light destined to expel once for all the darkness, and destined to abide in his law with mankind forever, had his birth in this physical world, in the seed of Abraham through Ishmael, in the fulfilment of the Covenant which the Lord had established with Abraham.

Heaven's Announcement of the Advent of the Last Apostle of God

Events recorded by the historians relate that as the Holy Prophet Muhammad was born in Mecca, there were heavenly signs announcing the great advent of the Promised Mercy to the Worlds, the Last of the Apostles of God, and the deliverer of the Lord's Final Word to humanity, i.e., the Holy Qur'an, the Final Code of Discipline for Mankind.

1. The idols installed by the pagans in the Holy Ka'ba, themselves fell down striking their faces to the ground.

2. In the distant land of Persia, where Fire was worshipped, the fire burning continuously for a thousand years in the altar got itself extinguished.

3. The palace of Naushirwan the Just, the Persian King was shaken to its foundation.

4. A quake shock shook the Earth.

5. There was an extraordinary issue of the shooting stars from heaven.

It is quite obvious that the above signs were given to awaken man from his slumber to know the arrival of the Promised Prophet with the Final Word of Guidance from the Lord, for mankind as a whole.

The Immediate or the Nearest Ancestry of Muhammad the Promised Prophet, the Comforter, the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Ghost

The Qurayshites were the direct descendants of Abraham through Ishmael, and Abde Manaf had four sons, Hashim, Muttalib, Naufal and Abdush Shams. Hashim died, away from home in one of his trade expeditions and a young son of his was left in the Caravan. Muttalib the brother of Hashim went and fetched the son of his late brother and brought him up along with his own children, and thus the son of Hashim was known as Abdul Muttalib. The children of Hashim through his son Abdul Muttalib were called the Hashimites. Abdul Muttalib had three sons, Abdullah, Abu Talib and Ja’far.

Abdush Shams, the son of Abde Manaf, had a clever, crafty and active Roman slave boy Umayya whom Abde Manaf had purchased and presented to his son Abdush Shams. Umayya, a heathen by birth, had spent his childhood among the Roman Christians. He was not only of questionable birth but was also evil hearted, mean by nature and vicious in temperament. His master Abdush Shams owing to his close attachment, held him as an adopted son. Umayya in his pride, bore an inherent envy and enmity against Hashim and the Hashimites. Abde Manaf, before his death, had handed over the charge of his privileged hereditary duties of service to the Holy Ka’ba to Hashim his eldest son who was very noble by nature and godly in temperament. This aggravated the hatred, jealousy and animosity of Umayya which tendency continued as a personality trait from generation to generation in his seed.

The recent inquiries by the famous scholar Al-Ameeni of Iraq, the author of the celebrated work ‘Al-Ghadeer’, and the other great research scholar Imad Zadeh of Iran, in their great works, discount the story by Ibn Athir and others, of Abdush Shams and Hashim being the twin issues of Abde Manaf, born with their backs joined, which were separated by a lancet, and some fortune teller predicting everlasting enmity between the descendants of the twins; and Umayya being the son of Abdush Shams. However, the issues of Umayya, the slave boy adopted by Abdush Shams, became known as the Umayyids and their inherent envy and enmity against the Hashimites came to stay as their hereditary trait as the native endowment which further developed in the Umayyid blood. The enmity between the two groups went on increasing. The Hashimites were known for all kinds of virtues and goodness while the Umayyids became notorious for the opposite qualities.

As day-by day the honour, reverence, regard and respect for the goodness of the Hashimites went on increasing more and more, the jealousy and enmity of the Umayyids was got further more aggravated against the Hashimites. In short, the Hashimites were good, noble and gentle, while the Umayyids were wicked, mean and aggressive. The Hashimites held the Trustee and the Custody of the Holy House of God, the Ka'ba, which was the most coveted and unique honour enjoyed exclusively by the Hashimites. The Umayyids envied this the most, and could not bear it.

While the charitable disposition of the Hashimites could not allow the hoarding of any personal wealth, the selfishness and niggardliness of the Umayyids had enabled them to store abundant wealth which had made the Umayyids ever more haughty and proud against the noble, the gentle and the meek ones of the Hashimites. Much fuel was added to the already burning fire of envy and enmity of the Umayyads when Abdul Muttalib, son of Hashim, miraculously discovered the natural spring-well of 'Zam Zam' which lay hidden and unknown to any one, for ages together.

This mysterious un-covering of the well by Abdul Muttalib which was nothing short of a miracle, enhanced the regard and the reverence of the people for him in the Arabian Peninsula as a whole. This old veteran in the seed of Abraham, through Ishmael, was the grandfather of the 'Spirit of Truth', The Holy Prophet Muhammad and Ali.

Abdul Muttalib worshipped none but the One True God and was always resigned to the Divine Will. His faith in God was proved in the ready response he had to his prayers to Him, when the Abyssinian Christian Prince reached the outskirts of the town of Mecca with a huge army on elephants, with the determination to destroy the Holy House of God, the Ka’ba. History records the wonderful event that an aerial force of innumerable tiny birds, the Ababyel, appeared with small stones in their tiny beaks and dropped the stones on the soldiers mounted on the elephants, killing the soldiers and the huge animals on the spot.This routed the enemy totally and the Abyssinian Prince who had come to destroy the Holy House, had to experience the total destruction of his huge army, and was himself killed by a small stone dropped on him by a tiny bird. The year of this attack on Mecca by the Christian army on elephants, was such a historic and memorable event of importance that it gave birth to an Era of its own, called the Aamul Feel, i.e., the Year of the Elephant, for the people began to count the passage of time from that date. And this historic year of the miraculous defeat and destruction of the enemy of God, and the mysterious heavenly rescue of the Holy House, the Ka’ba, was to mark the birth of the Last Apostle of God, the Holy Prophet promised to Mankind through Jesus in the Middle East and by the great sages like Buddha in India who had foretold his people about the advent of the Last Buddha calling him in the Pali language as “Maetrea,” and as regards the predictions in the Christian scriptures (see Deuteronomy 18:18, John 1:21, John 16:17) already given in the earlier pages.

To Abdul Muttalib, the great godly chief of the noble Hashimites, were born Hazrat Abdullah and Hazrat Abu Talib and Ja’far. Hazrat Abdullah was destined to be the father of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.s) and Hazrat Abu-Talib to be the father of Ali who was to be the Divinely Commissioned Guide, immediately succeeding the Holy Prophet, as the First of the Twelve Holy Imams (i.e., the Twelve Princes promised in the seed of Ishmael vide (Genesis 18:20). Who was to be to the Holy Prophet Muhammad as was Aaron to Moses. Thus the Divine Light of Guidance to Humanity, which emanated from Abraham and Ishmael passed onto Abdul Muttalib, and got bifurcated to flow into the two channels of the seeds of Hazrat Abdullah and Hazrat Abu-Talib, in the seed of the former, to manifest in the apostleship and in the latter in the Imamat or the Divine guidance. To Hazrat Abdullah was born Muhammad, the Holy Prophet, and through Hazrat Abu-Talib came Ali, the Vicegerent of the Holy Prophet and the First Holy Imam (the divinely chosen Guide to Mankind).In the fulfilment of the divine plan, the Holy Prophet Muhammad was gifted by God with a daughter Fatimah Zahra, the Lady of Light, endowed with the maximum degree of purity and holiness ever had by any lady in the human race as a whole, destined to be the wife of All and the mother of the Eleven of the Twelve Imams, the Princes promised in the lineage of Ishmael (Genesis 18:20).

God had chosen Abraham and his descendants:

“Verily, God hath chosen Adam and Noah and the descendants of Abraham and Imran above all the worlds."

“(Their) Offsprings, one of the other, and God is All - knowing.” (Holy Qur'an 3:32, 33).

This declaration of the Holy Qur'an is attested by the statement of the Old Testament: wherein God addressing Abraham says:

“And I will establish my covenant between me and thee and thy seed after thee in their generations for an everlasting covenant, to be a God unto thee and unto thy seed after thee,”

“And I will give unto thee, and to thy seed after thee, the land wherein thou art a stranger, all the land of Canaan, for an everlasting possession; and I will be their God.” (Old Testament, Genesis 17-7, 8)

Under the promise or the covenant which the Lord established with Abraham and his seed, Abraham was endowed with the Divine Light of guidance (Imamat) (see 2:124 H.Q) and to Abraham and his seed Ishmael, was given the land now called Mecca and the country surrounding it, in which Abraham was first a stranger, and which since its being inhabited by Abraham and his seed Ishmael, had been uninterruptedly possessed by the descendants of Ishmael or his followers, to remain with them forever.

The Divine Light endowed in Abraham was bifurcated and passed into the two channels of the seed of Abraham viz., Ishmael and Isaac. Through Isaac, it passed on till Jesus, and through Ishmael it descended down to Abdul Muttalib and after Abdul Muttalib it was again bifurcated into the two channels, Abdullah and Abu-Talib, and again it was bifurcated into the two channels of the seed of Ali and Fatimah into Hasan and Husayn, Hasan destined to be the Second Holy Imam and Husayn to be the Third one and also the King of Martyrs.

From Husayn, it passed on to the Nine Holy Imams in his seed until the Twelfth or the Last one in the line of the Imamat, i.e., Muhammad al-Mahdi, who is kept alive to re-appear before the end of the world. As Jesus the last one in the seed of Abraham through Isaac is kept alive, this Holy Imam, the last one in the seed of Abraham through Ishmael, is also kept alive, and both these two manifestations of the Divine Light endowed in the seed of Abraham will meet before the end of the world, to fulfil the divine plan of cleaning the earth of falsehood once for all, and establishing peace and harmony on it, in the place of aggression, iniquity, enmity and hatred which will be ruling the earth prior to their Final advent, and this will be the conclusion of the world.

The object of this work is only to present with extreme brevity the great historic event of the matchless sacrifice of the King of Martyrs the Holy Imam Husayn, in the seed of Abraham through the Holy Prophet Muhammad, offered to save the Truth and humanity from getting lost to falsehood forever, for the apostleship had been concluded with the revelation of the Holy Qur'an, the Final Word of God. If anything had to be done or could be done, to save the Truth, it was only through the Imamat which was destined to do it, and Husayn was the divinely chosen one for it. Both Ali and Fatimah were martyred. Ali was assassinated while in prayer in the Mosque at Kufa and Fatimah was killed by the fall of the door of her own house, caused by a tyrant.

From Ali and Fatimah, were born Hasan and Husayn, the second and the third Imams Hasan was martyred by being secretly poisoned at the instance of Mu’awiyyah, and Husayn was the victim of the brutal massacre, enacted by Yazeed the son of Mu’awiyyah. Thus the Hashimites were the family of nobles and martyrs in the way of the Lord, while the Omayyads were the clan of tyrants and assassins.

The fact is that the Holy Five:

1) Muhammad…… The Holy Prophet

2) Ali ……. The First Holy Imam

3) Fatimah……….The Lady of Light, the Holy Mother of the Eleven Imams

4) Hasan………The Second Holy Imam

5) Husayn……...The Third Holy Imam

were the embodiment of the Divine Light or the models of the ideal godly life on Earth, the presentations of the models of whose divine purity and Holiness in the practical life was the fulfilment of the Divine Plan and the realisation of the object of the creation of the Universe.

The Last Apostle of God

If anyone goes through the life of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, he will not be able to resist shedding tears for the tortures, the miseries and calamities which the great godly soul suffered at the hands of the people. Any intelligent reader would find that all the sufferings which every one of the preceding apostles of God had suffered, had been inflicted on the Last Apostle of the Lord, along with other additional tortures and miseries which none else had ever experienced and he suffered all the calamities with ideal patience, matchless fortitude, unparalleled steadfastness and unshakable determination to fulfil the covenant established with the Lord.

• Nude dances were stopped, graceful dressing was prescribed.

• Seeking of knowledge was made compulsory, both for man and woman, scholarship was encouraged and scholars honoured.

• Gambling and all games of chance were declared as crimes.

• Adultery was declared as the most abhorred and the most severely punishable crime.

• Slavery was abolished in the most practical and a peaceful way, enjoining equal treatment to the slaves as compulsory, if slaves had to be maintained.

• The law of Maktabah to facilitate slaves get liberated was enforced.

• Usury was strictly prohibited, loan without interest highly commended.

Socialistic pattern of society was established through a commonwealth called ‘Bayt- ul- mal.’

• Accumulation of wealth was controlled through the Laws of inheritance, and the annual taxations, with the prescribed rates.

• Hoarding of food grains and other foodstuffs were declared as punishable crimes.

• Just and the correct use of Weights and Measures, was ordered.

• Cleanliness of body, thought, conduct and character was made compulsory.

• Varieties of food and drinks and the limits of eating and drinking fixed.

• Strictly regulated fasting was prescribed and declared compulsory.

• Protection of travelers and helping them as much as possible, made obligatory and highly commendable.

• Patronage of orphans and the destitutes declared as one of the great virtues and a strongly commended quality.

• Compulsion in faith strongly deprecated and strictly prohibited.

• Man was given the liberty in the choice of his faith, with personal responsibility for a correct decision.

• Reformation through many other characteristics and exclusively distinctive commandments was enforced through which human society was revolutionized and greatly profited.

The above facts justly warrant every intelligent and impartial reader with his scholarship, logical reasoning and the sense of justice, to fearlessly declare that the Man who could bring about such a wonderful revolution in the ideology of the people totally lost in the barbaric paganism, and effected such a miraculous transformation in every sphere of the practical life of mankind, which for the greatest statesmen, or even for the strongest of the dictatorial monarchs, could have been nothing short of an impossibility, within the short span of only 23 years, must be the Wonderman, the Greatest Benefactor of Humanity; and he could be none else other than the Greatest of the Apostles of the Almighty Lord.

In fact, it was God s will, which none could ever resist that was done on the earth, to finally guide mankind for all times, which He had mercifully promised to do. This is what the Last Prophet of God, gave effect to, and if this godly service is undone, he who does it, will be none but Satan, even, if the individual appears in human frame. And one who fights such a devil will naturally and necessarily be the greatest hero of humanity with the maximum divinity endowed in him, though he may not be a prophet, he must necessarily be a Deputy of an apostle of God. This is the point to be remembered in judging the personality of Husayn, the King of Martyrs.

Islam the Universal Religion for Mankind

The conception of God in Islam is unique in its strict Unitarian aspect. The jurisdiction of God, is not restricted or limited to any section of humanity or to any part of the world. God according to Islam is the 'Rabbul- Aalameen' (i.e., The Lord of the Worlds i.e., the Absolute Monarch of the whole Universe).

Prophets sent before the Holy Prophet Muhammad were not for the human race as a whole, they were for particular peoples in various parts of the earth.

Even Jesus, the immediate predecessor of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, about his own self, had said:

“I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the House of Israel.” (Matthew 15- 22- 26)

But Muhammad the Holy Prophet, the Last Apostle of God was not to guide any particular tribe, community or any part of the human race, but for mankind as a whole, and the religion Islam was revealed to be current for all times until the Day of Judgment. The Holy Prophet Muhammad had been sent as the Rahmatunlil Aalameen' (i.e., the Mercy unto the Worlds or the Universe).

“We have sent thee an Apostle for mankind.” (4:19)

“Say O' ye people, I am the Apostle of God unto you all” (7:158)

“We sent thee not but a Mercy unto the Worlds.” (21:107)

“We sent thee not but unto mankind as a whole.” (34:28)

No creed preached by any religious leader or apostle prior to the Holy Prophet, was ever given any name, for it was incomplete and no imperfect thing, is ever given any name. Since the religion preached by the Holy Prophet, was the divinely perfected code of discipline for human life on earth, it was named Islam and was prescribed for the human race for all times till the end of the world.

“This day have I perfected for you your religion and completed My bounties on you and pleased Islam to be your religion.” (3:3)

“Verily the religion with God is Islam and whosoever seeketh a religion other than Islam, it shall never be accepted of him.” (3:18, 4:125, 2:112)

The Holy Qur'an, the Word of God

The code of control, regulation and the discipline of the human life on the earth, called the Holy Qur’an, is not a Book edited by any mortal. It does not contain legends and stories or any collection of folklore on the life of the Holy Prophet or about the faith Islam. It is the very Word of God which was recorded then and there as it was revealed to the Holy Prophet through the Messenger Angel Gabriel, which is a complete Book, sent down for the use of the pious ones in the human race as a whole, for all times in all parts of the world.

“This is the Book, there is no doubt therein, a guide for the pious ones.” (2:2)

To Destroy Islam is to Destroy Humanity

When Islam is the divinely revealed religion for the human race as a whole, as the only religion acceptable to God (3:84), none but the Devil alone would aim to destroy or corrupt it, and the one who aims to do it, would be the worst enemy of mankind. He would naturally be the devil in human form. And the one who saves the religion from being destroyed or getting corrupted, would undoubtedly be the Greatest Benefactor and the Saviour of Truth and humanity as a whole. It has been clearly announced by the Lord in the Holy Qur’an that the one who saves a single human life, has saved humanity as a whole.

“Whosoever killeth a person without its being in return for killing a man, it is as though he hath killed mankind as a whole, and whosoever saveth a life, it is as though he hath saved the life of mankind as a whole. (Holy Qur’an 5:32)

The Fate of the Apostolic Missions, Previous to the Holy Prophet Muhammad

Although the All-Merciful Lord sent His apostles to guide humanity in the various parts of the earth, but the satanic resistance against every such godly mission was also counteracting against any lasting effect. Most of the apostles were killed. The sacred heavenly scriptures which were given to those apostles were either corrupted or made totally extinct. Fabricated stories from the folklore of the various people were used as sacred scriptures and mankind was misled by imposters.

Divine Measures to Secure the Final Word of God for Ever

The All-Knowing Creator Lord of the Universe, with His infinite knowledge, knew about the utter darkness which would shroud the human world, and had also determined the panacea for it, in the mission of the Last of His apostles about Thorn Jesus had declared that the Comforter who would come after him will abide forever. (John 14:16)

As all the previously revealed scriptures had been either corrupted or were made extinct, the Almighty Lord willed that the Holy Qur’an, His Final Word, shall be preserved for ever, beyond the reach of any satanic hands with any questionable intention to meddle with it. The Lord has declared:

“Verily We sent down the Reminder (The Qur'an) and Verily, We (Ourselves) shall be its Guardian.” (Holy Qur'an 15:9)

To preserve the Holy Qur'an in its original purity both in its verbal form as well as its meaning, and to keep the divine guidance always current and ever available to every seeker after truth, the Holy Prophet Muhammad was not sent alone into the world. As Aaron was given to Moses to assist him and to succeed him, along with the Holy Prophet, his cousin Ali, son of Abu-Talib, from the same holy family of Abraham, was given his advent, to be his Vicegerent and his Successor. Thus was started the line of the Holy Imams (i.e., the Divinely Commissioned Guides) who were destined to be the authentic custodians of the Holy Qur'an, and as the fountainheads of the correct knowledge of the Word of God, to guide mankind towards the correct belief and the proper practice of the Faith.

If these guides, the Holy Imams, had been from any family, other than the family of Muhammad, it would have been misconstrued as another authority parallel to that of the Holy Prophet. The grace of the Lord, avoided this confusion and established one single authority of the Last of His apostles, as the unique one, with the unity of purpose. Hence it was divinely destined that the line of the Divine Guides called the Imams, to succeed the Last Apostle, also, to be from the same stock of the Holy Family of Abraham, and this was also the covenant with Abraham.

“And as for Ishmael, I have heard thee; Behold, I have blessed him and will make him fruitful and I will multiply him exceedingly, TWELVE PRINCES shall he beget and I will make him a great nation”. (Genesis 18:20)

Both the Holy Prophet Muhammad and his Vicegerent Ali were brought into the world from one and the same family, with whom the Lord had established an Everlasting Covenant (Genesis 17:7- 8). Muhammad to be the Promised Last Apostle, the 'Comforter' the 'Spirit of Truth' the 'Holy Ghost', and the 'Maetrea' prophesied by Buddha, and Ali his cousin, his adopted son, his son-in-law and his Vicegerent to be the starter of the line of the Promised Twelve Princes or the Twelve Holy Imams in the seed of Abraham, through Ishmael.

The family ABRAHAM and the Promised Last Apostle MUHAMMAD and the Twelve Princes (The Holy Imams)