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A small book of about twenty-five pages “The King of Martyrs” was published in 1925 and since then, it was reproduced four times and every time in several thousands and yet the demand for it had been on the increase, and this is the Fifth enlarged edition.

With the increase in the standard of literacy among the masses, the demand for the Islamic literature in its original purity is growing steadily. Today, more than ever; the awakened intellect of the human world is seriously in quest of the invaluable knowledge which Islam alone can provide. The pity is that most of the great Muslim scholars, who are the stores of knowledge about the original teachings of Islam, do not care for the modern western languages, and those who have mastered these languages have never had the benefit of a serious study of Islamic literature through the original sources.

Whatever knowledge, about Islam and the Islamic literature, these scholars of the modern languages possess, they could have it from the prejudicial translations into those languages mostly by the missionary class, brought out with the exclusive purpose of spreading prejudice against Islam, and the Holy personalities of the Faith to secure the unearned glorification for their own heroes and enlist believers in their own respective creeds.

Unfortunately some of our own brethren get the information from such hostile sources and present it as the genuine truth and never care to scrutinise with reference to the original sources of the knowledge. The kind or the degree of knowledge about Islam and the Islamic affairs which some of these men possess is disclosed from their talks and writings.

Particularly in regard to the great event of Karbala which has been termed in the very Word of God, i.e., the Holy Qur’an, as “Zibhe Azeem” or the Great Slaughter, most of our Muslim brethren either do not know it at all or they have been misinformed or have grossly misunderstood it. One thing very gratifying which has been often noted, that is when such ill-informed ones are rightly informed, they immediately acknowledge the Truth, the glory of Husayn, the Holy King of Martyrs, the divinity endowed in his Holy Personality and the important part the devotion to the Holy Imam, plays in elevating the human soul to the heights of heavenly glory.

This book is intended just to give a glimpse of the divine plan implemented in the enactment of the great heart-rending tragedy and the unique and the glorious position of its Holy Hero and the Godly Band of his faithful comrades.

Uninformed or misinformed of the original teachings of Islam and the actual position of its great Heroes, some of our brethren have unwarrantedly and unreasonably criticised certain acts of devotion on the part of the devotees of the Faith and its Great Heroes, terming it polytheism. A very brief clarification of the matter has also been given at the end of this brief work for the information of those who would like to have it.

It is earnestly hoped that the learned readers will mind the matter, graciously by passing the mistakes, if any, in the printing matter. This book needs reprinting and it is under contemplation, and God willing the next issue will be free from such shortcomings. I am indebted to the following devotees of the Holy King of Martyrs who helped the publication of this humble work:

1. Muhammad Abdullah Al-Husayni (Our American Brethren in Faith and a staunch Devotee of the King of Martyrs and the one whose attachment to the Holy Ahlul Bayt is ideal).

I have to helplessly restrain myself from mentioning the names of the devotees of the Holy Imam who have helped this publication, for their expressed desire not to have any publicity of their names.

S. V. Mir Ahmed Ali
Karachi, 11- 6 - 1964