Who was Victorious, Yazid or Husayn?

Although the hosts of the Devils numbered in thousands and the supporters of the cause of Truth for which the Holy Imam stood, could be counted on fingers, and the Holy Imam, with his numbered devotees, was mercilessly massacred and the ladies, the queens of virtue and chastity along with the innocent children were taken captives and put to every disrespect, indignity and the bitterest tortures, but soon after the massacre, the world understood who was the Arch-Devil and who was the Divinely Chosen Guide for Humanity.

Many people embraced Islam at the guidance they received from the severed head of Husayn when they saw it glorifying the Lord even from the point of the lance during the torturous journey to Kufa and from Kufa to Damascus. The realization of the Truth, the World exhibited after the martyrdom of the Holy Imam, made even the Devil acknowledge the virtual, spiritual Victory of the Holy Imam.

Identifying oneself as the admirer of Yazid is far beyond any possibility when there is none today who would even like the idea of taking the Devil's name in connection with any goodness save those who would like to associate themselves with the Brute in the lincentious performances enacted.

Whereas ever since the martyrdom of Husayn, the act of admiring and appreciating the Holy Imam and his devotees is enjoined as a duty of every true believer in God and the sincere lover of Truth, deeming it with a conviction that admiration of the Great Sacrifice and feeling for the sorrowful plight of the Holy Imam and his godly devotees carries special blessings in this world, and with high spiritual honours and great rewards in the life hereafter.

What is 'Shahadat' or Martyrdom

Whoever is taken unawares or shot dead or suddenly killed be that even for any matter of goodness on the part of the murdered one, other than God's cause, cannot be ailed a martyr. It can no doubt be said that the assassin had been cruel and the good man had been unjustly killed, but he cannot be a martyr in the proper or the right sense of the term, for, perhaps, if the murdered one had an opportunity or the chance to escape death, he might have successfully avoided it, or if he had been warned of the fate, he would have changed his views or conduct to avoid the cause for the murder.

A martyr in the true and the proper sense of the term is the one who stands for Truth and Righteousness even at the cost of his life and property not excluding his near and dear ones.

Jesus and Husayn

The Holy Qur'an asserts in unequivocal terms that Jesus was neither killed nor crucified by the people: 4:157 and 158. Even taking for granted the statement of our Christian brethren the crucifixion of Jesus under the evidence of the Holy Bible of the Christian Church itself, can never be a martyrdom at all as the Bible says that Jesus avoided the end by hiding himself, which suggests his unwillingness to meet death in the cause of Truth.

Besides, when caught by the enemies, he began imploring God to see that the cup was passed over and he be saved, and while he was put on the cross as alleged by the Christian belief, he began crying aloud to God in agony saying that he had been forsaken by Him. Could this he becoming even of any ordinary believer in God with the conviction of his faith in Him? How could such a weak-hearted one totally void of faith in the All-Merciful Lord, be a religious leader, even that the son of God? How could the one forsaken by God be the saviour of Humanity? The Bible itself declares:

“And he went it little farther, and fell on his face, and prayed saying O' my Father if it be possible, let this cup pass from me; nevertheless not as I will, but as thou wilt.” (Matthew, 26:39)

And about the ninth hour, Jesus cried with a loud voice, saying, “ELi, ELi Lama Sabachthani,”to say, My God, my God, why hast thou forsakenme.” (Matthew, 27:46)

The above statement of the Bible of the Christian Church establishes the following points against Jesus:

1. Jesus was frightened of death.

2. Jesus was unwilling to drink the cup of death in the way of the Lord.

3. Jesus wanted God to avoid his drinking the cup of death.

4. Jesus wanted God to avoid His Will to take place.

5. In the agony against the fear of death Jesus lost all faith in God and believed to have been forsaken by Him. Thus according to his own words, the for- saken son can do nothing for others for he himself has been forsaken.

Let us take the ease of Husayn.

1. Husayn travelled all the distance from Madina to Karbala to drink the cup of death accompanied by untold miseries and tortures.

2. Husayn offered not only himself but the dearest ones of his nearest kith and kin, and the sincerest of friends with matchless faith in God and devotion to Him.

3. At every step, Husayn suffered the worst tortures and the greatest loss with perfect patience, fortitude, submission and surrender to the Divine Will, every time praying for his offerings to be accepted by the Lord.

4. While under the swords of the heartless assassins, he only prayed to God for the salvation of the Faithful, far from being a complainant, he prayed for his sacrifices to be accepted.

5. He proved his being the Greatest Martyr, the King of Martyrs, who offered not only himself but his dearest ones counted to about seventy-two, by glorifying God in God's own Words when his head was severed and raised on the point of the lance.

In short, Husayn's martyrdom has no parallel in the history of Mankind.

The following statement is taken from the research work by the great scholar Imaduddin Husayn Ispahani known as Imad Zadeh, Tehran. His inquiry is based upon the following sources:

1. Tabari

2. Ibn Athir

3. Kitabul Jamal of Shaik Mufeed

4. Rijal Mumqant

5. Abu Maqnaf

6. Zakhiratud Darain

7. Hadaiq

8. Irshad

9. Uyunal Akhbar

10. Manaqib al-Ibn Shahr-Ashoob

11. Absarul Ain fi Ansaral Husayn

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18. Amaali Ibn Shaikh (Iranian Edition)

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20. Aasarul Baqiah

21. Beharul Anwaar al-Majlisis

22. Al Ardhu wat Turbatual Husayn (Ayatullah Kashiful- Ghita)

The Martyrs of Karbala:

The Hashimites-from the seed of Abu Talib:

1. Those mentioned in the Ziarate Nahiyah 18

2. Those not mentioned in the Ziarat 13

3. Young children 3

No. distributed according to the immediate parentage of the Martyrs:

The Holy Imam Husayn 1

The sons of the Holy Imam (Two in Karbala and one in Abdullah was martyred later and buried in Asqalan) 3

The sons of Amirul-Momineen Ali 9

The sons of Imam Hasan 4

The Sons of Aqeel 12

The sons of Ja’far 4



The comrades of the Holy Imam:-

1. Those whose names are mentioned in the 'Ziarat al-Nahiah’ 70

2. Those whose names are not mentioned in theZiarat 27



3. Total number of Martyrs in Kufa 8


Total comrades martyred 105

Total martyrs including the Bani Hashim

and the Holy Imam 138

The Martyrs of Karbala-the Kind of Men they were

As already said in the foregoing pages, those who surrendered their souls in the way of the Lord at Karbala were the divinely selected ones of the human family. They were ideal personalities with unique qualities which humanity could justly be proud to own in their kind as the matchless gems which the world had ever seen. Each one of the great martyrs was a model of the integration of the unique personality traits some of which each one of them possessed as peculiar to him.

They were the noblest models divinely set up for the members of the human family to follow. The faith in God, the sincere devotion, the dauntless courage, the unconquerable fidelity, the unfailing patience, the charitable disposition, the ideal consideration for the life after death and the ever mindfulness of the Day of Judgment which the great martyrs manifested the hour of their trial at Karbala were obviously the qualities they were divinely conditioned with for the fulfilment of the Divine Plan of the enactment of the glorious 'Zibhe-Azeem.'

Every one of the martyrs was a glorious human metal with the polish necessary to get reflected through it the divine attributes of the Creator Lord of the Universe. In short, Karbala was a historic, a unique and the greatest exhibition of the best specimens of the various noble qualities endowed in the children of Adam, particularly those of the seed of Abraham through Muhammad, Ali and Fatimah.

Any one desirous of having a view of the glorious manifestation of divinity in man, and the ideal integration of the Divine attributes in a human personality may look into the wonderful sacrifice which Husayn, the King of Martyrs, offered in Karbala, in the way of the Lord.

It is a historic fact that a large crowd followed Husayn from Mecca but before the great offering he had to make, Husayn started shifting the human stuff there with him through his repeated sermons prophesying the torturous sufferings and the gruesome massacre in store for those who remain with him.

Thus the Holy Imam made the questionable stuff leave his camp after which remained only the sincere ones who were wholly devoted to the Lord and who were really anxious of surrendering themselves in His way. While he wanted those who were then with him to leave him and go away, Husayn wrote letters and sent messages to the chosen few worthy of inclusion into his fold informing them of the arrival of the awaited hour. Thus were collected the gems worthy of presenting to the Lord, shunting out all the unworthy stuff.

The Companions of Husayn and those of the Holy Prophet

It is the historic truth that the kind of faithful companions the Holy Imam Husayn had gathered around him was not given to any of the Apostles of God including Jesus and even the Holy Prophet Muhammad to claim such a band of men of spotless character and godly conduct in such a large number among their companions. While one of the disciples of Jesus betrayed him and connived to get him in the hands of his enemies, none of the other disciples offered to get killed with their Master.

In the case of the companions of the Holy Prophet, most of those who claim prominence in their devotion to him deserted him leaving him in the Jaws of death, not once or twice but on every occasion when they felt any danger to their life. But in the case of Husayn, the faithfulness and the devotion of his comrades in the worst and the most torturous miseries which culminated in the gruesome massacre of one and all of them, is nothing but a matchless marvel which has thrown the human world into wonder and has moved every human heart to sorrow and grief for them, with tears irresistibly rushing into the eyes of men, women and even children in sympathy for the great sufferers in the way of the Lord.

Brief Notes on Some of Those Martyred in Kufa and Karbala

1. Abu-Bakr Ibn Ali Ibn Abi Talib: He was called 'Muhammad al-Asghar' or Abdullah from Laila daughter of Mas'ud son of Hanzala son of Manath son of Tameem.

2. Abi Bakr son of the Second Imam Hasan, son of Ali.

3. Abdul Hatoof Ansari and his Brother.

4. Sa'ad (both sons of Hurr).

Both from Kufa who joined the Holy Imam at Karbala

5. Adham son of Umayya-al Abdi. From Basra son of Abi Obaida, whose father had been the constant attendant on the Holy Prophet.

6. Aslam-the slave who was purchased and liberated by the Holy Imam-was the scribe engaged to write communications from the Holy Imam.

7. Anas bin Hars al-Kahili son of Baniah son of Kahli who was one of the companions of the Holy Prophet.

8. Borair zibe Khozar al-Hamdani: A very old, pious, and devoted companion of Amirul-Momineen, Ali Ibn Abi Talib, one of the prominent noblemen of Kufa. He was the one who came to the Holy Imam begging most humbly to permit him to get martyred for he wanted to die in the way of the Lord and show his face to the Holy Prophet on the Day of Judgment. The details about the faithfulness and the devotion of Borair are many.

9. Umayyabib Sa'd at Taie: He was one of the companions of Amirul- Mominecn.

10. Bushr bin Amrual Hazrami from the famous ones among the faithful devotees to the Holy Prophet.

11. Bakr bib Hai at Taimi: Of the Bani Taimi tribe who came to the Holy Imam and volunteered to be martyred in the way of the Lord.

12. Jabib Ibn Hajjaj al Taimi: He was the follower of Muslim-bin-Aqeel in Kufa. Since Muslim was arrested, he hid himself until Husayn arrived in Karbala, and reported himself to the Holy Imam and got martyred.

13. Jibilath Ibn Ali-e Shaibani: The one who was attending on Amirul-Momineen in the battle of Siffin.

14. Ja’far Ibn Aqeel Ibn Abi Talib: The Third brother of ‘Abbas the Standard Bearer of the Holy Imam.

15. Ja’far Ibn Aqeel Ibn Abi Talib: Brother of Muslim Ibn Aqeel the Deputy of the Holy Imam to Kufa.

16. Jinadat Ibn Ka'b Ansari Al-Khazraji: Along with his son-Martyred at Karbala- one of the greatest devotees of the Holy Imam.

17. Jundab bin Mujee al Khaulani: One of the companions of Ameerul-Momineen came to the Holy Imam and fell down on his feet and prayed to be permitted to be martyred.

18. Jaun-The liberated slave of Abu Dharr who after the death of Abu Dharr, joined the Second Holy Imam and thereafter he remained with Husayn and had come to Karbala with Husayn. He was trained under Abu Dharr and was a very pious devotee of the Holy Imam.

19. Jaun bin Malike Tameemi: Of the tribe of Bani Tameem. One who was in Yazid's army, seeing the Devil's forces decided to attack the Holy Imam which he never thought that it would ultimately happen, left the ranks of the Devil's forces and joined the Holy Imam and was martyred.

20. Hars-The liberated slave of Hazrat Hamza the uncle of the Holy Prophet-had come from Madina along with Husayn to get martyred.

21. Habshi bin Qais al-Nahmi: Of a group from the tribe of Hamdan. His grandfather was one of the faithful companions of the Holy Prophet.

22. Hars bin Amraul Qais al-Kandi: A very brave nobleman of Arabia. He went into the armies of the Devil, and found his own uncle there. His uncle asked him: 'have you come to kill your uncle?' He replied 'Yes! You are my uncle, no doubt, but God is my Lord and you have come here against Him.’ He killed his uncle. Along with him three others from the enemy's ranks joined the Holy Imam. All were martyred.

23. Habib bin Amir al-Taimi: One who had already paid allegiance to the Holy Imam at the hands of Muslim was martyred in Kufa, Habib left Kufa and joined the Holy Imam on his way to Karbala and got martyred.

24. Habib bin Muzahir al-Asadi: He was known as Habib Ibn Mazahir bin Re'aab bin Al-Ashtar from the lineage of Asad Abdul-Qasim Al-Asadi-aged 70 years. He was one of the faithful companions of the Holy Prophet who after the Holy Prophet always remained with Ameerul-Momineen Ali and migrated to Kufa when the Capital was shifted from Madina to Kufa, and accompanied Ali in all the battles he had to fight against the rebels and traitors. His ideal faithfulness and sincere devotion to the Holy Imam has many glorious details.

25. Hajjai bin Masrooq al-Jaufi: One of the faithful companions of Ameerul- Mominecn Ali in Kufa.

26. Hajjaji bin Badr as S'di: Of Basra from the tribe Bani Sa'd famous nobleman in Kufa. He was the one who carried the communications of the Holy Imam to the pious ones of the devotees of the House of the Holy Prophet in Kufa.

27. Hurr Ibn Yazid ar Riyahi: He was the son of Yazid Ibn Najiyah bin Qa'nab bin Yitab bin Hurr in the lineage of Al-Yarbo'ir Riyahi. A famous nobleman of Kufa, an experienced warrior specially selected by Ibn Ziad to command a contingent against Husayn.

He was the one who obstructed Husayn's way near Kufa, but he never believed that the venture of Ihne Ziad was to end in the martyrdom of the Holy Imam. When at Karbala he found that the decision was to martyr the Holy Imarn, Hurr left the Devil's forces and joined the Holy Imam, seeking pardon for his previous conduct. The Holy Imam received him with special grace. Hurr was among the foremost martyrs in the way of God. Husayn said: “Hurr, as thy mother has named thee Hurr (a free man) thou art 'Hurr' in this world and in the hereafter.”

28. Hallas bin Amro' ar Rasibi: He was the son of Amru ar Rasibi who was one of the faithful companions of Ameerul-Momineen Ali.

29. Hanzala bin As'adus-Shabami: He was the one who carried the message of exhortation from the Holy Imam to Ibn Sa'd in Karbala.

30. Rafe'- the liberated slave of Muslim Azdi: He came from Kufa and volunteered to be martyred in the way of the Lord.

31. Zavir bin Amro al Kandi: A sincere devotee of the Ahlul Bayt who was a devoted companion of the Holy Imam. He was a noble personality very much revered and respected by the people.

32. Zohair al Qaine Bijilly: He was a noble chieftain of his tribe, a man of great influence in Kufa. In the beginning he was attached to the Third Caliph Uthman. Once returning from Hajj he met the Holy Imam and became a staunch devotee of Husayn. He is the one who bade goodbye to his wife Dalham daughter of Amru, liberating her with a divorce to go to her relatives, and he joined the Holy Imam and got martyred. The details of Zohair's devotion to the Holy Imam need a lengthy note.

33. Ziad bin Areeb al Sa'idi: Son of Areeb one of the faithful companions of the Holy Prophet and also a traditionist. A very pious and brave noble personality enjoying the trust and the confidence of the people.

34. Salim the liberated slave of Aamire Abdi: A staunch devotee of Amirul-Momineen Ali, from Basra.

35. Salim the liberated slave of Bani Madinatul Kalbi: Of the tribe 'Kalb' one of the devotees of Amirul-Momineen Ali in Kufa.

36. Sa'd bin Hars and Abul Hatoof bin Harse Ansari: These twin brothers had come from Kufa employed in the forces of the Devil to fight Husayn. Later they left the ranks of the Devil's forces and joined the Holy Imam and got martyred.

37. Sa'd the liberated slave of Amerrul-Momineen Ali: After the martyrdom of Amirul-Momineen, he remained attached to Imame Hasan and later after the martyrdom of Imame Hasan, he remained devoted to Husayn and got martyred.

38. Sa'd-the liberated slave of Amro bin Khalid: He volunteered to be martyred for the Truth. A noble personality with a high degree of fidelity and valiance.

39. Sayeed bin Abdullah Hanafi: A noble and very influential personality in Kufa uniquely brave. He was very helpful to Muslim bin Aqeel in Kufa. He was the gentleman who carried Muslim's letter from Kufa to Husayn and remained with the Holy Imam until he was mar- tyred. He was the man who, while the Holy lmam offered his prayers in the field of action (Karbala) stood in front of the Holy lmam and received the arrows from the Devil's forces, on his breast, protecting the Imam in prayers, and got martyred.

40. Salman bin Mazarib bin Qais al Anmari al Bijilli: A cousin of Zohair al Qain. He went to Mecca with Zohair and when on his return from Mecca Zohair decided to join the Holy Imam, he accompanied him and got martyred at Karbala. A man of very noble conduct and character endowed with strong will and prowess. A very pious personality fearing none but God.

41. Sulaiman bin Razeen-A liberated slave of the Holy Imam: A truthful and a very reliable gentleman. A staunch devotee of the Holy Imam. He carried Husayn's letters to the devotees of the Ahlul Bayt in Basra. Ibn Ziad the Devil's governor of Basra caught him and this faithful servant of the Holy Imam got himself willingly martyred (at Basra).

42. Sawar bin Manyim al-Nahmi: A highly respected noble veteran of Iraq travelled all the way to Karbala to join the Holy Imam to get martyred with him.

43. Suwaid bin Amro bin Abil Mataa al Anmari al Khash'mi: A noble, highly respected, god-fearing and a brave personality. He fought and fell seriously wounded, and was lying unconscious, the enemy thinking him dead had left him, but when he returned to consciousness and heard the rejoicing of the Devil's forces shouting that the Holy Imam had been killed, he got up, and fought and got martyred.

44. Saif bin Hars Al Jabiri and Malik: These two cousins from Kufa joined the Holy Imam and got martyred.

45. Saif bin Malik al Abdi al Basri: A leading devotee of the Holy Ahlul-Bait.

46. Shabeeb a liberated slave of Hars al-Jabiri al-Hamdani: A very brave gentleman who got martyred in the very first attack from the enemy.

47. Shaueb al-Shakiri: Well-known in Kufa for his nobility of character, courage, and a revered noble veteran of the town.

48. Zarghamah bin Malik al-Taghlabi: A lion-hearted brave gentleman who was faithful to Muslim bin Aqeel in Kufa. After Muslim's martyrdom, he joined the Holy Imam and was martyred along with him.

49. Aaiz bin Majma'al Aazi: One of those six who along with Hurr Ibn Yazid al- Riyahi had joined the Holy Imam.

50. Aabis Ibn Abi Shabeeb al-Shakiri: One of the most pious devotees of Amirul-Momineen, and one of the noblemen of Kufa. He was one of those who helped Muslim Ibn Aqeel in Kufa.

51. Amir bin Muslim at Badi Basri: With his liberated slave Salim, both the devotees of Amirul-Momineen in Basra, joined the Holy Imam and got martyred.

52. Abbas Ibn Ali Ibn Abi Talib, Qamare Bani Hashim: This is the great son of the First Holy Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib, from the noble lady Hazrat Ummul-Baneen, who was brought into this world to fulfil the desire of Amirul-Momineen to have his own representative, on his behalf to be martyred with Husayn in Karbala. Abbas is so well-known to the Muslim World for the unique divine qualities he was endowed with, that he in the first place needs no introduction, secondly, if a proper attempt is to be made, it wold need a separate volume.

This great lion-hearted son of the Lion of God in his qualities and position in Karbala is next only to the Holy Imam Husayn.

The unique grace bestowed by God especially on this Great Martyr, is such that any one who prays for God's immediate help at the time of danger, invoking the divine grace in the Holy name of ‘ABBAS, is immediately heard and helped. There are millions and millions of those who have had their prayers heard by God, and who are still being graced by the Divine Mercy through the medium of this Great Holy Soul, ‘Abbas the faithful brother and the Standard Bearer of the Holy Imam at Karbala. Let any one try his own luck even today by invoking the Mercy of the All-Merciful Lord in the Holy name of this Saintly son of Ameerul-Momineen Ali. His holy shrine in Karbala stands today as the resort for the sure rescue of his sincere devotees to get the help from God at the times of unavoidable needs, risks and dangers.

In short, all the details about the greatness of Abbas and the unique divine qualities he was exclusively distinguished with cannot he given in this brief work.

He was next only to the Holy Imam in Karbala. The 'Alam' or the Banner which he held on behalf of the Holy Imam, was the Standard of Islam or the Truth, which is hoisted by the Shias, popularly during the mourning season of Moharram, and is revered as do the faithful Subjects of a good King as a token of their loyalty to him. The Banner being the Standard of Truth is only revered and respected and never worshipped as wrongly imagined and depicted by some ignorant ones. Worship in Islam is due to none but the One, the Only True God.

53. Abdullah Ibn Husayn, known as Ali al-Asghar: The six-month-old baby son of the Holy Imam martyred in the very lab of his father whose martyrdom no human heart can bear without shedding tears.

54. Abdullah bin Hasan Ibn Ali: The son of the Second Holy Imam Hasan, a young boy who ran out of the tent to save Husayn when he was being martyred, and was martyred before the Holy Imam.

55. Abdullah bin Bushr Khash'ami: Of the Anmari al-Khash'ami tribe. A well-known noble personality in Kufa. He came out of Kufa with Ibn Sa'd but joined the Holy Imam and got martyred with him.

56. Abdullah bin Omair Kalbi: He had come to Kufa from Madina, and joined the Holy Imam. His wife also accompanied him to serve the Holy Ladies. When Abdullah was martyred, his wife sitting at the dead body of her husband said “O’ Abdullah! Thou hath entered Paradise, take me along with thee.” The good lady had not finished her lamentations when a slave of Shimr delivered a blow on her head with an axe and she was martyred.

57. Abdul Rahman and Abdullah sons of Orawah bin Harraq al Ghaffari: These two brothers were the noblemen of Kufa. Their grandfather, Harraq, was one of the faithful companions of Ameerul-Momineen. They came to the Holy Imam and joined the noble cause and were martyred.

58. Abdullah bin Muslim bin Aqeel: Son of Muslim bin Aqeel Ibn Abi Talib. His Mother was Roqiah daughter of Ali through his wife Sahba from Yamamah was martyred when he went to save the Holy Imam.

59. Abdullah bin Yaqtar al-Himyari: He was the son of the good lady who had served the Holy Imam as his nurse in his babyhood.

60. Abde Qais Basri al-Abdi: Alongwith Abdullah bin Zaid al-Abdi Obaidullah bin Zaide Abdi, Yazid bin Sabeet at Abdi.

These great men, well-known and highly respected ones of their tribe came and requested the Imam to permit them to drink the cup of martyrdom along with him, and got martyred.

61. Abdul A'la bin Yazeed al Kalbi al Aleemi: The famous and respected nobleman from Kufa.

62. Abdul Rahman bin Abdul Rab al-Ansari Khazrjji: One of the faithful companions of the Holy Prophet and a Traditionist and a faithful devotee of Ameerul-Momineen.

63. Abdul Rahman bin Aqeel Ibn Abi Talib: Son of Aqeel from his wife Umm Walad.

64. Abdul Rahman al-Arhabi: One of those who carried the letters of the devotees to the Holy Imam. He came to Husayn and got himself martyred.

65. Abdul Rahman bin Mas'ood at Taimi: Came out of Kufa along with Ibn Sa'd but later joined the Holy Imam and got martyred.

66. Uthman bin Ali Ibn Abi Talib: One of the brothers of Hazrate ‘Abbas, the third son of Ummu Baneen. Joined the Holy Imam on his way to Karbala and was martyred.

67. Name not known

68. Umar bin Janada al-Ansari: This is the son of the godly lady who came to the Holy Imam and implored for his permission for her son Umar to be martyred and somchow succeeded, in getting it. When her son was martyred, the Devil's army severed his head and threw it towards Husayn's camp. The godly lady, his mother, took up the severed head of her son and threw it back into the ranks of the Devil's army saying: “That which has been given away in the way of the Lord is not taken back.”She herself took up a stick from the camp and rushed to attack the devils. Husayn held her back saying “Islam allows not 'jehad' by women.”

69. Ali al-Akbar son of the Holy Imam: The eighteen-year son of the Holy Imam, who resembled the Holy Prophet the most, was martyred by a lance pierced through his breast. See the brief note about the Holy Imam offering this beautiful son of his in the way of the Lord.

70. Umer bin Zabi'ah Az Zabiyee: Son of Zabiya at Taimi. Came out of Kufa with Ibn Sa'd but later joined the Holy Imam and was martyred.

71. Amro bin Khalid al-Saidavi and three others; When these four person marched towards the camp of the Holy Imam, Hurr asked the Holy Imam for permission to stop them from getting near the camp for they were coming from the enemy's ranks. The Holy Imam miraculously said: “Obstruct them not; they are coming to me with a good heart. They are my devotees.”They joined the Holy Imam and were martyred.

72. Amru bin Abdullah al-Jundayi: Of the tribe of Hamdan. He reported himself to the Holy Imam and was martyred.

73. Amru bin Qarta al Ansari: One of the faithful companions of the Holy Prophet and also of Amirul-Momineen.

74. Amru bin Ha'b Abu Thamama al Sa'idi: One of the faithful devotees and companions of Amirul-Momineen.

75. Amru bin Hasan at Talee: One of the staunch devotees of the Ahlul Bayt.

76. Ammara Ibn Salama al Daalaani: One of the companions of Amirul-Momineen.

77. Aun and Muhammad Sons of Ja’far al-Tayyar: Two sons of Hazrate Zainab the Sister of the Holy Imam. Aun was her own son and Muhammad was from the deceased wife (Khausa), of her husband Abdullah bin Jaffar Tayyar. These two were only young boys of about nine and ten years of age. The Holy Lady Zainab, the daughter of Amirul-Momineen and Lady Fatimah, brought these two young boys and implored her brother, the Holy Imam, to permit them to free the enemy. At the persistent implorings from his sister the Holy Imam permitted, and these two young souls were martyred before the very eyes of their mother. This godly daughter of Ali and Fatimah, the grand- daughter of the Holy Prophet, stood quiet at the dead bodies of her children and said “I will not lament for you, for you have gone in the way of the Lord.” The whole camp wept but Zainab prevented them from crying saying “Let not my Brother feel that I am sorry for losing them in the way of the Lord. Today I am pleased with my children.”

78. Qarib: The son of a liberated slave girl of Husayn. This lady after having been liberated by the Holy Imam was married to a gentleman and brought her son Qarib and presented him to the Holy Imam and Qarib was brought up by the Holy Imam. He was martyred along with the other devotees, offering himself in the way of the Lord.

79. Qasim bin Hasan bin Ali: Son of the Second Holy Imam. See the note on his martyrdom.

80. Qasim bin Habib al Azdi: A well-known noble of Kufa.

81. Qasith, Kardoos, Musqit - Sons of Zohair al Taghlabi: These three brothers were the devoted companions of Amirul-Momineen who were with him in all his expeditions against the infidels and traitors. They came from Kufa and offered themselves for the noble cause and achieved martyrdom.

82. Qan'ab an Namri: Of the devotees of Amirul-Momineen, came from Basra and was martyred in the way of God.

83. Qais bin Mushir as Saidavi: A very pious personality from a group of the Asadi Tribe, extra-ordinarily brave, faithful and one of the sincere and faithful companions of the Holy Prophet. He reported himself to the Holy Imam, from Kufa, and was martyred.

84. Kannah at Taghlabi: A very noble personality known for his piety in Kufa. A good reciter of the Holy Qur'an, a very brave, God-fearing, influencial and powerful noble of Kufa.

85. Majma'ul jahni: Son of Ziad bin Umar Jahni one of the aged companions of the Holy Imam. When people began deserting the Holy Imam on the Night of Ashoora, this old devotee of the Holy Imam remained and achieved martyrdom.

86. Muslim bin Aqeel: The Deputy of the Holy Imam to Kufa, where he was martyred.

87. Muslim Ibn Ausaja al Asadi: One of the faithful companions of the Holy Prophet. An aged veteran who had earned a glorious name and fame for his valour and prowess in the expeditions against the infidels. When on the Ashoora Night, the Holy Imam told his companions to find their own ways and save themselves from the wholesale massacre of his supporters which was in store for them the following day, Muslim addressing the Holy Imam said: “O’ son of the Holy Prophet! Where am I to go before myself getting martyred here?”

Muslim was one of the most prominent supporters of the Holy Imam in Karbala, and was martyred there.

88. Muslim: bin Katheer al A'waj al Azdi: One of the devotees of Amirul-Momineen in Kufa.

88. Mas'ood bin Hajjal Taimy and his son Abdur Rahman bin Mas'ood: The devotees of Amirul-Momineen from Kufa.

These two were known for their piety and righteousness.

89. Muhammad bin Abdullah Ibn Ja’far: A young son of Abdullah son of Hazrat Ja’far al- Tayyar, his mother was Khausa, daughter of Hafsa bin Rabi'a.

90. Muhammad bin Muslim bin Aqeel: One of the two young sons of Muslim bin Aqeel the Deputy of the Holy Imam who was martyred in Kufa.

91. Muhammad bin Abi Syeed bin Aqeel: The grandson of Muslim bin Aqeel the Deputy of the Holy Imam to Kufa.

92. Munjeh-the liberated slave of the Second Holy Imam Hasan: Who accompanied Qasim bin Hasan from Madina and got martyred.

93. Mauq' bin Thamamah Asadi Saidavi Abu Musa: Of the devotees of the Ahlul Bayt in Kufa, escaped from the town at night and joined the Holy Imam at Karbala.

94. Nafe'bin Hilale Jamali: A companion of Ameerul-Momineen. Reciter of the Holy Qur'an and Traditionist. A noble personality known in Kufa for his piety, escaped from Kufa and joined the Holy Imam in Karbala. A great devotee of Holy Imam who always remained by the side of ‘ABBAS the Standard Bearer of Husayn. He could not bear the least disregard for the Holy Imam, from any one in the Devil's forces.

95. Nasr bin Naizar: A liberated slave of Ameerul-Momineen. He was presented to the Holy Prophet by the King of Persia and the Holy Prophet presented him to Amirul-Momineen who freed him. He came to Karbala and got martyred.

96. Wazeh the Turk: The Turkish liberated slave of Harse Madhaji. A pious gentleman, a good reciter of the Holy Qur'an, who came to Karbala, presented himself to the Holy Imam and was martyred.

97. Hani bin Urwah: Martyred at Kufa with Muslim Ibn Aqeel.

98. Yazid bin Ziad bin Mohasir al-Kandi-Behdile Abush Sha'sa: One of the nobles in Kufa. A staunch devotee of Ahlul Bayt. A very pious personality who joined Husayn from Kufa and was martyred.

99. Yazid bin Maghfal Ja'fi: A very pious devotee of Ameerul-Momineen. A learned poet. His father and grandfather were faithful companions of the Holy Prophet.

100. Husayn Ibn Ali the King of Martyrs: The divinely promised and prophesied Martyr of the 'Zibhe Azeem' (The Great Sacrifice) in the seed of Abraham through his son Ishmae1,in the lineage of Ishmael through Muhammad the Last Apostle of God, Ali the Ameerul-Momineen, the First of the Holy Imams and Lady Fatimah the Lady of Light.

Husayn the International Hero

Today when the leaders of every religion are revered only by their respective followers, the Holy Imam Husayn is the International Hero who occupies a special position of love, honour, reverence and holiness in the hearts of the followers of all the religions in the world. People in every part of the world, without any distinction of caste, creed, colour or nationality, love Husayn and hold him in reverence, recognizing and hailing him as a Great Hero of Truth. Millions of educated men and women today with ample proof, believe that the Holy Soul of the King of Martyrs commend their prayers to be heard by God and thus draw great blessings from the All-Merciful Lord through the mediation of the Greatest of the Martyrs in His cause.

Husayn, the King of Martyrs

Having gone through the above very brief sketch of the terrible sufferings of the Holy Imam Husayn along with his family and friends unequalled in the History of Mankind, and the great unparalleled sacrifices he has offered in the way of God to save the Truth for the guidance of the human race as a whole with which the Holy Imam defied the might of the Devil's forces surrendering his all, any intelligent person will unhesitatingly declare the Holy Imam to be the King of Martyrs.

Some people have, even wrongly gone to the extent of worshipping Husayn as God Himself or His incarnation which is totally wrong. Today Muslims, Hindus, Christians, Parsis, Jews and people of every religion love Husayn paying him their sincere homage and revere him in their own ways. Those who believe in God and godliness take pride in naming their children after the Holy names of the House of the Holy Prophet, but none even tolerates his issues to be called by the cursed names of those who had tortured the Holy Family, although the great tyrants ruled empires in their respective times. Every justice loving soul today hates the Arch-Devil Yazid, son of Mu’awiyyah, deeming him the Devil incarnate.

Where is Yazid?

Thus the Holy Imam established the Truth and won an Ever-lasting Victory over Falsehood. He has not only proved Yazid, the Drunkard, the Debauchee, the Gambler to be one worse than a brute and a devil but has crushed falsehood forever and placed the Truth in the highest pinnacle of prominence and regard, in its original purity. And now no evil hand can touch it till the end of the world. Yazid has earned the curse of God and of the whole of the God-loving humanity in this world and a permanent abode in hell for himself and his comrades forever.

The Friends and Foes of the Truth, Clear Distinction

Now, to know who the followers of the Truth are, and who are the supporters of Falsehood, is very easy. All those who love Husayn will naturally be found weeping, mourning, or at least feeling sorrowful for the calamities that befell the Holy Imam in establishing the Truth. Those who rejoice and make merry must naturally be the enemies of the Holy Imam, and the supporters of the cause of Falsehood of which the Devil Yazid was an embodiment.

The King of Martyrs Mourned

Ever since the massacre of the Holy Imam and his faithful devotees at Karbala, true Muslims during the month of Moharram express their grief and feelings for the sufferings of the Holy Imam, in their own ways according to the customs of their own countries.

Some enthusiasts among the people beat their breasts to say that they who do not care for their own selves and hurt their own bodies in love for the Holy Imam, in fighting against the forces of the Devil. During this mourning period, the mourners men, women and children generally dress in black, and give up every kind of rejoicing. The mourning for the Holy Imam is observed through organised congregations called 'Majalis al-Aza' or the Mourning Congregations.

Husayn's Martyrdom Prophesied in the Old Testament

“For this is the day of the Lord God of hosts a day of vengeance, that he may avenge him of his adversaries and the sword shall devour, and it shall be satiated and made drunk with their blood for the Lord God of hosts hath a sacrifice in the North country by the river Euphrates.” (The Old Testament, Jeremiah, 46:10)