1 Swift horsemen to Mecca from Kufa alight
Enduring days and nights covered with sand
With saddlebags stuffed with many ferman
Pleading for the guidance of Imam of Zeman
O grandson of our Prophet, we humbly implore
Pay attention to us, we can endure no more

2 For our beloved Prophet, you are kudretul ain
From Harami Sharif to Kufa, you are so far
We implore you, lead us to the light of Islam
We await you with our niyaz and selam
In each of our thousand letters, our very hearts stir
Each message with the plea, be our Emir

3 Islam is falling, led by the court of Sham
Yazid on his throne of gold and haram
O light of our Prophet’s most blessed eye
Your heart must not be silent to the Muslims’ cry
We are sending these letters as our pledge of faith
From the road of perdition, lead us to a path straight

4 In the honor of your trust and my noble makam
Husein responded, I return my selam
To people of Kufa. And to them he sent
The brave bin Ukayl, his most trusted friend
To go to Iraq, and he will witness there
Of the trust and the truth, to which Kufa swear

5 For they have repeated in overflowing mail
Our bond to Mecca is firm and to Sham is frail
The home of our Prophet has an enduring right
To lead us in Islam, and not Yazid’s might
His army clad in the mail of steel
Will not deter us from our faith and will

6 Only you, the son of Fatima and Ali
The grandson of the last Prophet, may be our Emir
With Mutahharat of afradi Ehlel Bayt
Lead us to sirat, which is forever straight
And Husein responded, Ukayl, my friend
Will bring you my selam, which I from Mecca send

7 Before the dust settled behind Ukayl’s horse
On the eve of Muharram, to Mecca arrives a guest
A close friend of Husein, Abdullah bin Abbas
Aware of Kufa’s letters, bringing advice
With the highest respect, he saluted Imam
O you, who are amanet of Rasullallah

8 Listen to my words, for I well know Iraq
Do not leave Mecca, with all of us in the dark
You know what they did to Ali Murtaza
Your most noble father, upon whom selam
The same people of Kufa who then broke their word
Took his noble life with their poisoned sword

9 Also remember your brother, Hassan Mujteba
Poisoned with the treason of the same evil Sham
They are not people who honor their pledge
Under their rose petals, they hide the sword edge
Stay with us, O Imam. Don’t set us apart
Do not depart Kaaba, do not break our heart

10 O Abdullah, today I received a letter
Husein responded, Muslim was received better
In Kufa, than their own brother would be met
To him they confirm their love for Ehlel Bayt
I have my duty of honor and gave my word
My journey to Kufa cannot be ignored

11 Abdullah responded, Ya ibni Rasullallah
Kufa is still under Yazid’s realm
Wait until he falls off his wicked throne
Wait for the time until he is gone
Let them give their bayat to Muslim in your name
Let Ukayl, in your absence, for a while govern them

12 If Yazid doesn’t fall and Kufans change their mind
And go back on their word in fear of Yazid’s wrath
You will find yourself abandoned and alone
In the far away country, far from Mecca gone
Husein replied, I will look for a sign
In tonight’s Istihara and let you know at dawn

13 As soon as ibn Abbas had taken his leave
Imam took the Qur’an from an elevated shelf
And opened a random page, where the ayat read:
“Kullu nefsin zaikatul mawt”
Every soul will taste the bitterness of death
With this ayat of Qur’an his first sight was met

14 Another verse he read after the first
“Innama nefoun Ajwarkum yaum al Kiyamet”
He closed the sacred book, and he closed his eyes
Sadaqul Allah Azim, wa Rasullu sadaka
The verses of the mushaf, with no doubt confirmed
Kufa is the road for the selected Shaheed

15 These ayats agree with the dream that I saw
What my grandfather said I already know
Then, they were full of secrets, but now it is clear
The time of my departure from this world is near
What Allah decided, a human may never change
His will is the final, His will is never strange

16 True to his word to Abbas ibni Abdullah
Husein met him at the next sunrise
Last night, O Abdullah, my decision was made
My journey to Kufa cannot be delayed
It is Allah’s order, I saw it in Qur’an
And the same in my dream, confirmed Rasullallah

17 I’m well aware of Yazid’s intent
He will pursue me with vengeance wherever I went
But, I cannot allow that blood in Kaaba may spill
To desecrate Bayt ul-Allah, will never be my will
The blood and tears from Kaaba, I will divert
The house of Allah won’t be soiled with dirt

18 Abbas responded, Rasul-zade Imam
Since your will is made, who am I to deny?
But, since you will leave Mecca, go to Yemen land
Loyal to Ehlel Bayt, ruled by Hamedan
With their eager warriors, they will repel Yazid
For the bayat of the Prophet, for Allah tawhid

19 O my friend Abdullah, I know the secrets hidden
To act against them, for me is forbidden
For the sake of our friendship, do ask me no more
For delay of my journey, for it is in store
What was the secret in the world unseen,
Became a clear light for me in my dream

20 O Abdullah, I carry the knowledge of the First
And the knowledge of the Last, not afraid of thirst
My faith is so clear, revealed by our Lord
No doubt will weaken my pledge and my word
I wish to join you, Abdullah said, in Yathrib
May God permit me to be your Shaheed

21 With tears in his eyes, Abdullah departed
And one after the other, new visitors started
Muhammad Hanafi, the brother of Imam,
Followed by brave bin Omar Abdullah,
Followed by Zabir, Radiallahu anh
With the same request for journey’s delay

22 To all three of his friends, Husein replied
O my beloved brother and my friends in iman
The other night, I saw a mighty dream
With my grandfather Muhammad. As I looked at him,
He looked at me and sadly whispered, Ya Husein
Travel to Kufa and don’t delay your aim

23 Almighty Allah wants you in the battlefield
Covered in blood of a noble shaheed
To defend Islam, as I left behind me
To keep the pledge of true faith and loyalty
He wants you to leave this world in pain
Straight and noble with no fear, O Husein

24 All angels are awaiting this fateful day
With admiration and praise, they all will pray
For your patience and courage and hero’s strength
And all the noble angels will forever resent
The eternal evil that awaits you since creation
To detract the human path from the road to salvation

25 Deep silence followed, not one word was said
Instead of a comment, the visitors instead
Proclaimed, To God we belong and to Him we return
Not a single word we shall speak again
But, grant us this, leave your family far away
From suffering and battle that awaits you on your way

26 Husein smiled, of this too, my grandfather has spoken
I want my Ehlel Bayt presented as a token
Of equal suffering, their blood and their pains
Will be a warning for mankind, which appears
Insensitive to tears, hunger, sobs, and thirst
So, who is the last will become the first

27 On the tenth day of zul Hija in the sixtieth year
Fell as a shaheed in Kufa, Muslim bin Ukayl
On the first day of Muharram, in the year sixty one
Set their destined journey to Kufa, a kudrat caravan
Without delay, the Prophet’s family
Marched through the sands to their destiny

28 Joined by the multitudes from the land of Hejaz
Old and the young, men, women in tears
Watched by souls in Heaven with takbir
To the Most High, with whispers in the air
As their silent cry, their tents were pitched at night
For their first restless rest, aware of their plight

29 At the place of departure from the Hejazi crowd
Imam Husein ascended an elevated mound:
O people of Mecca, I leave and will not return
From the fields of battle, where the sand and sun burn
I know what’s ahead, and I invite you to stay
In the safety of haram, do not move away

30 Whoever steps under my Alami Sharif
Will say farewell to this life and to all that is his
In this life, your wealth, your family, your trade,
Will perish. Behind me remain, instead
Return to your homes, to all my pardon I give
Those who proceed, no longer will live