1 To Karbala, hastened the entire human kind
The justice of the Creator moved them over cruel sand
As the crown of mankind, hastened last prophet’s Ehlel Bayt
For there was no delay, there was no time to wait
With no uncertainty of what ahead awaits,
Everyone full aware of their final fate

2 At Karbala they stopped, and Husein dismounted
With his mubarak feet, his foot in sand imprinted
At this touch, the desert shook with embarrassment and shame
All saw the color of sand changed from red to pale,
While whirling dust arising above the weeping waste
Covered him with mist, and with a bitter taste

3 I see the apparitions arising from the dust
My heart is immersed in the future and the past
From the deepest earth, the souls are reaching for the sky
They wail and weep, in the breeze I hear their mournful cry
To all Imam announced: O souls do not despair
Don’t let the enemy rejoice in your pain

4 Husein then addressed his dear wife
O Shahribanu, you are the comfort of my life
My faithful friend, pay heed to my advice
When you see my body in blood at my demise
Do not let your voice betray any grief or pain
Do not reward the foe of Rabul Alameen

5 The enemy of God should only see your pride
And your firm belief that all of those who died
With certainty of ascending to glorious resurrection
Will never flinch before death, accepting with affection
The great reward for soul, which at last is free
With all doubts left behind in this world of uncertainty

6 Noble Shehribanu and Zaynab and Qulsum
Asked in one voice: What is the meaning of this gloom?
Please explain to us, what are you relating,
We are uncertain still, we pray for more explaining
While Husein calmly soothed their unrest
With his gentle words: Allah knows best

7 While Karbala descended into the peace of night
The wind stopped, and shadows settled on peaceful sand
Husein took the pen and a sheet of parchment paper
Name i shareef, his last enquiring letter
He dispatched to Kufa, their council and their head
By the name of Hazaij al Suleyman Serd

8 O Muslims of Kufa, you invited me from afar
With thousands of letters to visit Iraq
Responding to your wishes, on a long journey we set
And reached your lands, at Karbala we wait
In sand we are waiting under the burning sun’s fire
For your reception according to your own desire

9 Our arrival here is for your benefit
It is provision for you, be eager to meet
Your guests without delay, and with no excuse
Fulfill your duty, join us, earn your rewarding dues
It is my desire to lead you to the only right way
Nothing else I wish, your reply I await

10 Instantly was dispatched the Name i shareef
By Kays al-Arabi, who departed with all speed
He reached Kufa’s suburbs, on his foamy steed
And was intercepted by a squad of cavalry
Under guard, he was escorted to ibn Ziyad,
The soldier of Yazid, commander of ibni Sad

11 In front of Ziyad, Kays reached into his garb
And tore the Name i shareef into tiny parts
Crimson with wrath, Ziyad screamed in rage:
Why did you destroy the letter? Explain it in haste
Brave Kays responded, the secret of a friend
Cannot be revealed on an enemy’s demand

12 The reply enraged ibn Ziyad even more
More angry he turned than even before
He screamed: if you want to be saved from my blade
Give me the names which the letter contained
The only way for you to escape your certain death
Is to talk in the mosque, attacking Ehlel Bayt

13 You will also attack Husein bin Ali
And you will give all the praise to our kind Yazid
Kays only responded, O ibni Ziyad,
Since you want to attack our Prophet’s awlad
I will agree to speak from the mimber of the mosque
Gather the congregation, I will be your speaking guest

14 Ibn Ziyad ordered the event to be known
To all of population of the treacherous town
The crowd was so large, there was no room inside
The people on the rooftops and in every courtyard
Brave Kays turned to the awaiting crowd
His strong voice was heard far away and loud

15 First, he said praise to the Creator of all things
He thanked Him for all good made by good deeds
The Master of the worlds, the galaxies and stars
And tiniest creatures of the waters and grass
He gave his selam to the Prophet beloved,
And his Ehlel Bayt, and his blessed faith

16 The khutbah continued: O you Kufa jamaat
I represent Husein, the Imam of the Time
I came to your town with the duty to proclaim
That he is waiting for you in Karbala plain
I was not permitted to reach you in peace
For ibn Tal Jah stopped me with my task not complete

17 He further related all details of the scroll,
Which he shredded to pieces before reaching his goal
He reminded them of the letters sent to Imam
Inviting his presence in Iraq and in Sham
He trusted you, and departed from the blessed Hejaz
He expects you to meet him with respect and niyaz

18 He is waiting for you in the desert, not too far
At Karbala sands with his entire etbah
Today is your chance to prove your loyalty
Join him, help him, the reward you will receive
If you have to, give your life for Islam
In both worlds, you will receive a rewarding selam

19 He continued: Our thanks to Kudratul Ain
The light of the eye of Imam al-Qiblatein
Who knew secrets of the revealed and the hidden
He taught us what is right and what is forbidden
He was instructed in the secrets of Muhammad and Ali
His son, the gate of knowledge of our Nabi

20 He is the mirror of his father and grandfather alike
Selected among mankind as Basharul haq
Like Ali Murtazah and Ahmed Mustafa,
Announce your loyalty to Tariki hidaya
Curse be on Yazid and all who follow him,
Who poisoned the heart of Islam and betrayed our deen

21 Entire Kufa was silent, even the birds of air
Stopped chirping and cooing, not a slightest stir
Even the breeze stopped, the quietness prevailed
Until the rage erupted, the crowd exclaimed:
Down with Yazid and his evil friend
May the curse of Heaven upon them descend

22 While still on the mimber, Kays was cut with swords
By the order of Yazid for his truthful words
The town of Kufa trembled at the angry noise
The blood of the shaheed was louder than his voice
While ibni Ziyad, amidst blood drenched swords
In a loud noise, wrote the following words

23 O Husein, I am under Yazid’s command
When you reach Kufa, you should offer bayat
If you refuse, you will die with no delay
This is the order of the king, you cannot get away
I demand it of you, otherwise you are
In the state of rebellion, and get ready for war

24 Receiving the letter, Husein threw it on the ground
His face turned red, and he only said:
O ignorant world, not fearing your Lord
Yet hoping for salvation for your sinful soul
He said to the bearer of the letter of Ziyad:
Return with no response. That is my reply

25 To ibni Ziyad, the messenger returned
With hatred and rage, his dark face burned
Hearing that he was named with Husein’s curse
He lost his composure, and with a loud noise
Shouted to every officer attending:
Who will join the army that I am now sending?

26 Not a single soldier or officer replied
They all stared at the ground. Once more questioned Ziyad,
Again, no answer. Ibni Ziyad turned his eyes
To a ranking commander Omar ibni Saad:
You are my favorite soldier of Quraishi tribe
Your letter of promotion has been waiting awhile

27 I know of your desire to govern Tibristan
It has been on hold until the right zeman
This is a chance for you to fulfill your dream
To govern a province of Yazid, your king
The Tibristan province is his royal deal
With the robes and crown and horse and seal

28 He also said, O noble ibni Saad,
Your father was one of the Prophet’s ashab
A great warrior, a diplomat, with the gift of reason
I entrust you with the task, I expect no treason
You are the strategist, a soldier with no peer
Fight Husein to death without any fear

29 When you reach Karbala, meet with Husein
My offer for bayat, present to him again
If he accepts, all matters will be well resolved
If not, cut off his head, and of his every soldier
Send all the heads to me by the swiftest horses
To you and your troops, these are the final orders

30 Ibn Saad saluted to ibni Ziyad,
It is my grand duty to perform this task
Permit me, please, to consult my family
With their consent, I will return instantly
Ibni Ziyad, with that request agreed,
Omar galloped home with the greatest speed