1 The eighth day of Muharram, Prophet’s Ehlel Bayt
Withered in the sun, between life and death
The heat of desert sun, fit only for the jinn
Parched lips, sunken eyes, evaporated skin
Children like dried leaves, no longer strong to cry
How far is the water with the river so nigh?

2 During the talks between Omar and Hasin,
From Yazid’s army, left the camp Shimir Zul Jushein
And quickly he galloped away from the tents
To ibni Ziyad he reported the recent events
Omar doesn’t fight, but secretly with Husein confers
No longer he cares for his direct orders

3 Ubayd ibn Ziyad, hearing the report,
In an instant a letter to ibn Saad wrote:
I sent you to fight, not to negotiate
What do you have to say about their fate?
I see that you are not fit for your lofty rank
Your duty has failed, how low you sank

4 As you don’t seem able to conduct yourself in a war
How can you be trusted as a governor
Of wealthy Tibristan province of our domain
This honor to the other, I will soon convey
Let Shimir command the troops in their attack
And replace you in duty, performing what you lack

5 The message was to ibn Saad delivered
The very same night. With fear he shivered
Frightened and scared, an order demanded
Get ready for battle, to all his commanders
Without delay, a formation they made
Awaiting the signal to proceed ahead

6 The eighth day of Muharram, with no sign of relief
How long is a minute in this life so brief
Where between death and perishing of thirst
There is no power to cry or protect
Even the angels of eternal light
Sobbed in despair at the terrible sight

7 The Almighty Creator intervened at last
He, the only source of the water of life
Gave a sign to Husein to dig in dry ground
In the tent of Ehlel Bayt, deep water was found
Enough was it for all Mutaherat
After all drank, the water disappeared

8 It did not escape the attention of spies
Of miracle performed before their very eyes
An instant message was sent to ibni Saad:
You permitted Husein to dig a well in the sand
Make sure it is not repeated again
Attack them now until the last is slain

9 Seized with rage, he ordered a mighty force
Seven thousand horsemen, a formidable host
Under three commanders, Muhammad As-Shat
Kais bin Ahmed, Hujaj bin Hazaz
To join in an instant the rest of the troops
Attack with no mercy with the drawn swords

10 Habib bin Muzahir radiallahu anh
Addressed Husein, Ya ibni Rasullallah,
A tribe Benu Assad is not too far
Allow me to call them Fi sabil Allah
To join us as shaheeds in our last stand
To earn the reward in this evil sand

11 Habib rode away to the bedouin tribe
And delivered a speech to Benu Assad
Know you, O noble people, who is close to you
The grandson of our Prophet with soldiers too few
Last of Prophet’s family facing the swords
Join them in shahadet, follow my words

12 Before his speech ended, ninety mighty knights
With no hesitation, no further advice,
Joined bin Muzahir under the command
Of ibni Bashir, the warrior of renown
In a cloud of dust, they all stormed in heat
To the camp of Husein, to join his elite

13 Omar ibn Saad was instantly informed
Ehlel Bayt was joined by a mighty reinforcement
Four thousand horsemen, he selected on the spot
Who rode towards Benu Assad at a forced trot
They were commanded by evil Asruk Sham
To block their access to Husein’s caravan

14 The tribe of bin Assad met with their foes
At the banks of Furat and clashed with their swords
One against forty, they did not retreat
Some fell of the sword, of arrow, of heat
Helpless bin Muzahir managed to reach
The camp of Ehlel Bayt with the news of defeat

15 News of the battle reached ibni Ziyad
Are you asleep? He wrote unworthy ibn Saad,
Husein ibni Ali gathers for his aid
More troops. Are you negligent or simply not afraid?
This is the last warning. Get ready to proceed
As soon as this message reaches and complete your deed

16 If you get my order during the dark of night,
Before the morning prayer, you must start the fight
No excuse will be granted for any delay
In the event that you will choose not to obey,
Your head will be severed with my own blade
And of those who join you in the treason that you made

17 The ninth day of Muharram, in the fierce sun of morning
The desert heat like an oven, every grain of sand burning
Found Omar’s army in ready formation,
Spears sparkling in sun with deadly intention
To strike at command, awaiting the final order
To commence the slaughter. To commit the murder

18 In the oppressive heat, in the oppressive thirst
Husein lay for a while for a little rest
Ibn Saad’s horsemen approached from all sides
They addressed his brother, Janabu Abbas
With twenty companions, Abbas asked a question:
Is an instant battle your present intention?

19 Yes, we are to attack, was their instant reply
Abbas returned to Husein to relay
The enemy’s intention to strike without delay
Husein responded: Abbas, return to them
Ask them to postpone for one single night
That we stay in prayer until from the world we depart

20 The message delivered, ibni Saad conferred
With his commanders, and all did decide
Not to grant one night, not a moment even
No time for the farewell, even for the sake of heaven
They lifted their spears, lofty and high
No delay was the commander’s final reply

21 But the waves of the ocean from the highest heaven
Flooded the hearts of ibn Saad’s companions
They noticed the unrest among his own army
With the hesitation, the soldiers were swarming
In fear of unrest, he granted delay
With a stern order, the fight at dawn, all must obey

22 The day passed in heat, and in thirst and fatigue
As soon as dusk fell, they dug trenches deep
Leaving one single path to the battlefield
The trench will protect the women and children as a shield
With dead wood gathered, they set it aflame
To the amazement of the army facing them

23 As soon as the flames reached towards the sky
Malik bin Urwat approached from Yazidi camp
He shouted loud: Hear you, Husein!
You will perish in fire before you are slain
All present were shaken with the disrespect
While Husein responded: There is no fire in Jennet

24 Husein’s companion, Muslim Awasijed, implored Imam
Please let me perform a deed, O Sultan
To meet in a single combat this cowardly mazloom
And with my sword send him to his doom
The Imam responded: We shall not attack first
Let Allah Almighty decide his fate

25 He turned his face towards Bayt al-Haram
With his hands lifted in humble niyaz:
O Lord, Who can do whatever You desire,
Let this evil perish in this very fire
Like hit by lightning, Malik’s horse forward raced
And threw his rider in the burning flames

26 Both sides watched him screaming in pain
While still in niyaz, this prayer whispered Husein:
Almighty God, to Your wisdom I humbly submit
For the love of Your Prophet, please do not permit
A shadow of dishonor to stain his closest kin
Grant me the patience. Let me stand firm

27 Among Yazid’s troops shouted Eshas:
O Husein, with our Prophet you have no ties
Why are you still using our Prophet’s holy name
To help you when no connection to him you can claim?
O my grandfather beloved, Husein replied
You are witnessing how our kinship is denied

28 May our Lord intervene on your lofty behalf
The Lord of all power. Of your taj. Of Burak
Denial of our kinship hurts as a poisonous sting
O Lord of mankind, and the angels, and jinn
Reward this evil with Your divine wrath
With Your swift justice, humiliate Eshas

29 Before the prayer ended, everyone saw
Eshas screamed in pain and fell on a stone
Where a scorpion stung him with its poisonous tail
His screaming and scratching was to no avail
A cold shiver like a breeze hit Yazid’s battle line
Which power of the Lord will mankind deny?

30 In the instant of Eshas’ departure to his doom
Rode to the trench another evil maloon
Named Jaddeh. O Husein, he shouted loud:
Look at the Furat River where waters abound
How sweet is relief of its life giving freshness
Not a drop for you in your burning trenches