Dedicated to the martyrs of Karbala


O glory of this world, how brief is your flight
O hand of the tyrant, how weak is your might
O power of the kings and mighty potentates
The sands of time await your demise
Your gold and your sword, how briefly it shines
Your army’s no greater than the swarms of ants

Almighty Creator, please guide my hand
To open the record covered with desert sand
Where the blood of the martyrs reaches beyond time
Where the truth and honor will forever stand
Grant me Your mercy to recall the times
Of what is written in blood at the Furat banks

Over thorns to the stars, our journey contains
The faith of this world, travelled in ten days
From Mecca to Kufa, over the burning sands
Over the burning hearts, where human will defends
The truth against the power which always pretends
That destiny is made by the human hands

The wicked may triumph but for a short while
The righteous may suffer, the innocent fall
With no apparent justice, while the world still spins
And rewards those who indulge in sins
I ask no further question of honor or treason
For in all matters, You have Your supreme reason

Yet, our hearts are human, so easily broken
Please forgive my tears and my wrath awoken
At still flowing blood of the victims so pure
That even the stone can’t silently endure
For the rocks and sands, and even the skies
Still echo of their sobs and laments and cries

Your last Messenger’s house, scattered in the sand
In a glorious light, will forever stand
Above the sinful world, still reaching for the stars
Above the power and gold, healing burning scars
Of hearts so deeply wounded with unending pain
For Ehlel Bayt of your Prophet, for blood of Husein

All praise is to You! Creator of both worlds
All peace and blessing upon their pure souls
For each Ashura day, we offer salutation
In ten days, thirty parts of Your final revelation
O reader, for every day of the kudret caravan
Honor the martyrs with three juz of Qur’an