Appendix A: Complete Tafseer from Agha Mahdi Pooya regarding 2:150

Complete Tafseer from Agha Mahdi Pooya regarding Surah Al Baqara – Ayat 150 (2:150)

The importance and the sanctity of the holy Kaaba has been established by binding all Muslims to turn their faces towards it, wherever and in whatever circumstances they may be.

Yazid destroyed the holy Kaaba. Walid held a feast of debauchery on the roof of the house of Allah. Abdul Malik and Mansur constructed their own Kaabas in Damascus and Baghdad respectively for pilgrimage. Yet these rulers are respected by {non-Shia) Muslims as khalifatul muslimin and spiritual leaders (Tamaddun Islam-Tabari).

Alaykum hujjatun - so that people (the Jews and the Quraysh) will have no accusation against you. The Jews used to boast that Muhammad bowed towards their temple in Jerusalem. The Quraysh observed that instead of turning to the religious center of the Jews, Muhammad should have preferred the house built by Ibrahim and Ismail.

Wa-li-utimma nia-mati alaykum refers to the perfection of religion and completion of Allah's favour (Ma’idah, 5:3). In 11 Hijra, on the 18th Dhil Hajj, at Ghadir Khumm, the Holy Prophet chose Ali as his successor. After this event verse 3 of al Ma’idah was revealed. In other words the religion of Allah, Islam, was perfected when imamat was established to succeed risalat, which is the completion of Allah's favour. It also refers to the fulfilment of the promise Allah made with Ibrahim in connection with the descendants of Ismail (see commentary of verse 124 of this surah and Genesis 17:20).

La-allakum tahtadun also refers to the divinely established institution of imamat for the guidance of the faithful for all times, in fulfilment of the promise made by Allah in connection with the descendants of Ismail.

By making Kaaba the qiblah Allah had fulfilled his covenant made with Ibrahim and Ismail. None but the unjust refuse to believe in the risalat of the Holy Prophet and imamat of his holy Ahl ul-Bayt.