Appendix J: Complete Tafseer from Agha Mahdi Pooya regarding 13:43

Complete Tafseer from Agha Mahdi Pooya regarding Surah Ar-Ra’d – Ayat 43 (13:43)

Surah ar-Rad deals with the sovereignty, power, authority and wisdom of Allah. He is the creator of the universe and all that which is in it, the laws which govern and operate it, and the laws which (must) govern and operate the human life, individually as well as collectively. The disbelievers, instead of deriving advantage from the respite, are hastening unto the ultimate and eternal loss and deprivation (punishment) by refusing to believe in the day of judgement.

To every nation one or more messengers of Allah came as warners, and after the last messenger of Allah, there is a divinely appointed guide in every age to administer the affairs of the human society, as a true successor of the prophet.

Allah knows the seen and the unseen. Nothing is hidden from Him.

Angles are deputed to take care of and keep watch over every human being.

Bounties and favours, bestowed on any individual, are not withdrawn unless there are valid reasons.

Everything obeys Allah's commands, praises Him and glorifies Him.

The blind disbelievers and the knowing believers are not equal.

Those who establish salat, spend in the way of Allah and exercise self-control earn Allah's pleasure.

Those who do not fulfil the covenants made with Allah through His prophet are hypocrites, condemned for ever.

Allah is the rabbul alamin - the sustainer and cherisher of all that which has been created by Him.

Instead of receiving guidance from the (events of) history which has recorded the fact that people of yore witnessed the signs or miracles of Allah yet did not believe and were destroyed, the people in the times of the Holy Prophet, like their ancestors, again want to repeat history, but miracles are not demonstrated to provide enjoyment to the disbelievers.

Allah's plan is His will which takes immediate effect. The preserved tablet or the mother book contains the will of Allah-His decrees.

The messengers of Allah lived among the people as human beings, subject to the laws made by Allah.

Imam Ali ibn abi Talib is "he who has the knowledge of the book", and is therefore, along with Allah, a witness of the prophethood of the Holy Prophet.