The Islamic Message

Islam is a philosophy of life, it gives reasons and a set purpose for living. Furthermore, it defines the best ways to secure progress and happiness. This is done by elevating the spiritual side and satisfying the material needs of people.

Islam considers man as a Representative of God on earth. This status is a fine one, but it is also critical that its requirements be satisfied. Thus, because man is in an envied position, his acts and behaviours are expected to conform with that high level he is occupying.

The Islamic concepts and its laws are inseparable parts of the Islamic ideology. They are the practical expression of Islam in society and life in-general. These concepts and laws are essentially concerned with harmonizing people's relationships among themselves, with other beings, and above all with the Creator.

The basic Islamic outlook to this life is that of an introductory course. This worldly life is viewed as a prelude to another eternal life. Therefore, this world is a preparatory stage for people in order to attain the spiritual level which permits them to enter Paradise. The other side of the picture is the horror of Hell for people who misuse the powers at their disposal. Hence, success and failure are not measured with this worldly or materialistic supremacy.

The Islamic measure differs from materialistic standards by accounting for the life hereafter. The satisfaction of God is the sublime aim which surpasses all other inclinations and wishes. This is by no account neglecting materialistic supremacy, but putting it in its rightful place. It is with the satisfaction of God that Muslims seek materialistic supremacy.