The Revolution's Procedure

Imam Husayn made no doubt of his intentions to fight the regime of the Umayyads; the speeches he delivered at Mecca were consistent as was the will which he entrusted to his brother Muslim ibn Al-Hanafia, who remained at Madina.

That will, in fact was a formal declaration of the revolution. He (as) wrote "I am not campaigning for unwillingness to accept righteousness, or having intent to do mischief and suppress people. Indeed, I have decided to reform my grandfather's nation, I want to enjoin what is right and forbid dishonour. People who accept my call for being right, then God is the Master of righteous people. Those who reject my call, then I shall be steadfast till God passes His judgment. Indeed, God is the best Judge".

During his travels to Karbala, he never ceased calling people to strive for the Islamic ideals of social justice and government, and to wage war against deviation from Islamic conduct. In his speech (as) at Karbala, he quoted the Prophet (S) saying "He who sees a cruel governor violating Gods law, breaking his covenant, acting in contrast to the Tradition of the Prophet, mischievous and suppressing people, then he does not try to change that ruler by
action or speech; indeed God has promised them with an appropriate place in Hell.”

He also said; "O people those Umayyads have pledged allegiance to the Devil and left God's obedience. They have spread corruption, suspended the application of Islamic laws, and taken to themselves Muslims' wealth. Besides forbidding what is permitted and allowing what is forbidden."

Imam Husayn's speeches were aiming directly at stripping the religious mask of the Umayyad's regime. He was introducing himself to people and explaining his message to the nation. Indeed, the personality of Imam Husayn and his religious reputation was beyond question or doubt, especially despite so many distinguished people whom were not ready to even raise a finger. Any objective study of this great revolution will show something unique, when a leader predicts his own death before even setting a foot in the march! But yet, he goes on carrying out all necessary preparations for that campaign.

At Mecca, Imam Husayn's addressed his people, "O people, as if my body be cut to pieces by spears and wolves between Al-Nawawees and Karbala. . . . There is no question of the day which was already written. God’s satisfaction is our aim, we the family of the Prophet".

The way Imam Husayn and his Companions fought was a glorious record of bravery and nobility; they were only seventy men fighting against thousands within the Umayyad's Army. Even with this imbalance of fighting power, the Umayyad's Army used the most vicious and ignoble methods in fighting this tiny camp. The Umayyad's Army went to the extent of preventing them drinking water and tortured them for three days in the burning heat of the desert. But, the firm faith of Imam Husayn and his followers in their cause was never shaken.

Thus Imam Husayn and his Companions set an ever-shining torch of Jihad against deviation from Islamic conduct and smashed the myth of the Umayyads, of keeping allegiance to deviated regimes.