Letter of Appreciation

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful
Dear Mr. Sayyid Hasan Islāmī,
The selection of the research work, Imām Khomeinī, Ethics and Politics [Imām, Akhlāq, Siyāsat] as the cultural research work of the year shows the inestimable value of your endeavor, and deserves acknowledgment and appreciation.

The extensiveness of the scope and diversity of the facets of knowledge and culture in the ancient and vast land of Iran, on one hand, and dear Islam’s and the Islamic Republic of Iran’s patronage of research and investigations in Islamic sciences and humanities for understanding the problems and difficulties and proposing solutions for them with a view to inculcating true values and promoting the authentic culture on the other hand, has opened a wide area for undertaking diverse studies and presenting their clear-cut achievements to this noble nation. Those who are devoting their time and talent in this pursuit do indeed merit profound honor and respect.   
On behalf of the great nation of Iran, I do acknowledge your efforts, and I implore God to grant you continued success.
Sayyid Muhammad Khātamī
President of the Islamic Republic of Iran