In the Name of God the Merciful, the Compassionate

Postscript: In this postscript to my twenty-nine page last Will and Testament1 and its prologue I would like to state a few points.

1. During my life I have at times been quoted as saying things which I never said, and it is likely that more misquotations will be attributed to me after my death. Therefore. I need to say that nothing attributed to me is true unless it is my own voice or my own handwriting and has my own signature, and is authenticated as such by experts, or unless it is based on my own words, as broadcast on the I.R.I.B. (The Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting) during my lifetime.

2. During my lifetime certain people have pretended that they have written my messages, which I definitely deny, and I declare that none of my messages were written by any one but myself.

3. I hear that some people have said that they were responsible for my trip to Paris [in the winter of 1978], which is totally untrue. After I was denied [permission to] stay in Kuwait I decided to proceed to Paris after consultation with my son Ahmad, because it was thought that Muslim states would not give us entry visas since the governments in those countries were influenced by the shah, but Paris did not seem to be so.

4. During the Islamic Revolution on certain occasions I happened to speak highly of certain individuals, though later on I realized that I had been deluded by their sanctimonious behavior and their Islamic pretensions into believing them to be as they pretended to be. At that time they pretended allegiance and commitment to the Islamic Republic, but allegations should not be allowed to be a basis for taking undue advantages. The criteria with which to judge the people is their present-day character.

Ruhollah al-Mousavi al-Khomeini

  • 1. The manuscript of the document (in persian) is in 29 pages.