Allahu Akbar

“Allahu Akbar” (Allah is great).

Five times in 24 hours the call comes from the minarets of the mosques: Allahu Akbar. It is Azan, meant to announce the time of prayers. Right at the call of Azan, Muslims are expected to gather in the mosque.

It is a matter of pride that we are called by God to his audience. It shows his love towards His creatures that He has provided us with an opportunity to communicate with Him. He has opened His house for us, let us not be late or absent from His presence.

Azan begins with the phrase – Allahu Akbar – (Allah is great);

It ends with the phrase – La Illaha Illallah – (None is to be worshipped but Allah). It begins with the name of Allah; it ends on the name of Allah. We are reminded that Allah is the beginning; Allah is the end. Between these two phrases the Muazzin bears witness to the unity of God; and to the apostleship of Muhammad, the Holy Prophet. Then he exhorts the believers: Come for prayer; Come for the prosperity (in this world and in life hereafter); and thus it goes on till the end.

Azan is not just a symbol. It is a sermon in clear words. It not only calls a man for prayer; it also explains why should he pray, and to whom should he pray. It reminds the hearers about God; and about man’s obligation towards Him. And after these explanations, it exhorts the believers to offer their humble prayers, with full knowledge and understanding, in the presence of God.

Allah is great! Nothing else matters. Allah is calling you. Leave aside your worldly affairs. Forget your business arrangements. Do not miss this golden opportunity. Go and pray in the presence of God. He is great! Our problems, our worries, our difficulties – all will be solved in the best way, if we ask our loving Allah to solve them for us. Not only that. Our joy, our achievement, our success – nothing actually matters. Allah only is great. Let us communicate with him. Only his benevolent love and care can bring us to prosperity in this world and in life-hereafter.