Decaying Society

“(The hypocrites) enjoin evil and forbid what is good;… They have forgotten God; so God is punishing them of This forgetfulness”. (Qur’an, 9:67).

Today, at the risk of being branded as ‘out-of-date’, I want to comment upon this materially developed and spiritually decayed civilization of our time. A civilization in course of time reaches its highest peak; and then its glory turns into vain glory; it becomes drunk of its power and achievements. And then it goes down the path of decay; and, finally, to death.

The modern civilization which is continuously ‘enjoining evil’ has, according to my thinking, long served its usefulness and now it is heading towards self-destruction – with rocket-speed.

Today the scientists are steadily pushing mankind towards its extinction. Their energies are enslaved by their bosses to invent more and more lethal weapons. They are trying to preserve wild-life – and kill human-beings.

And there is tendency on the part of the ignorant minds to accept every trash as a God-sent revelation – provided it comes from a man who has a string of letters after his name.

Result? Every kind of vice has been glorified and accepted into that society. Adultery is preached to be a healthy thing for a marriage; persons of same sex enter into ‘matrimony’ with an encouraging nod from the ‘priest’; pre-marital sexual relation have been accepted as the norm of the day; gambling is practiced in places of worship: people are led to believed that drinking liquor is a pre-requisite of ‘being civilized’. And religion has ceased to lead the people; it is being led by the masses. All these symptoms point to the advanced stage of deterioration of our civilization.