Eternal Life

“And do not think those who are martyred, in the path of Allah are dead. Nay! They are alive, in the presence of God”……. (Qur’an, 2:154).

Value of a sacrifice depends upon the purpose for which that sacrifice has been offered. If the purpose of the sacrifice is, for instance, wealth or political power, it is just a waste of life and nothing more. How can a life be immortal if it is worthless enough to be bartered for some precious stones or glittering minerals. Gold and Silver are not immortal; they cannot make a life immortal.
A life spent in their pursuit cannot be eternal; it is just one more tragic death.

But if the purpose of the sacrifice is to please God; the man becomes immortal. When a person is martyred, witnessing the Glory of God, His Mercy, His Power and His Unity; when he accepts death to spread the name of God, then the sacrifice is worthy of its name. It is not death; death cannot conquer such soul. Here the flame of life cannot be extinguished.

Why is it so? Because, in this case, the ultimate aim of sacrificing the life was God, God Himself is immortal and Eternal. Thus a life which is spent in His wav, acquires immortality from Him and the martyr becomes immortal.

A great majority of Muslims, all over the Islamic world have just been busy commemorating the tragedy of Karbala, in which Imam Husain, (A.S.) grandson of the Prophet, was martyred 1325 years ago to save Islam from the disastrous clutch of Yazid. He did know very well that he would have to suffer a good deal as a result of his rejecting Yazid. But he was not after worldly power or material gain which could be abandoned in the face of danger.

He was following the policy laid down by Islam in the way of Allah. He and his children were denied water for three days: his companions and relatives were killed; his six month old child was put to death. At last his own head was severed and put on a spear; his women-folk were imprisoned and all kinds of tyrannies were aimed against them. But their determination, like that of Imam Husain (A.S.) was never weakened.

Some people think that the life, mentioned in this verse of Qur’an, means that the martyrs will be remembered for ever. If it is so, then it is very appropriate to commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Husain (A.S.) and his companions. Their memory has been, and will be, kept alive by the grace of Allah, in whose name they sacrificed their lives.