Purpose of Creation

“And I did not create Jin and human beings but so that they may worship Me”. – (Qur’an, 51:56)

God created us and sent us in this world just to obtain spiritual perfection and piety, as explained in the above-mentioned Ayat of the Holy Qur’an. Most of the commentators take the world ‘worship’ to mean worship with faith in Him’.

A child is sent to school to study and acquire knowledge. Likewise, we are sent here to acquire spiritual qualities which could not be obtained otherwise you see, unless you are faced with such a situation which puts some strain upon your integrity, your integrity has no real strength. Unless you are facing a situation in which the majority of people lose their temper, your forbearance has no meaning. Therefore, to bring out the full qualities which are spiritual, it was necessary for the man to come into this world and prove his worth by behaving nobly in adverse atmosphere and surroundings.

After spending some time here and showing the strength or weakness of his spirit he goes back – i.e., dies – just as a child returns to his home from the school. In this background, hardships, turmoil, difficulties and disasters seem essential to complete the picture. These are the methods which help in bringing out our spiritual perfection. Fire melts gold and makes it pure; Tragedy and distress soften the heart and brightens the spirit.