Unique Achievement

One of the unique achievements of Islam is the fact that Muslims never upgraded the Holy Prophet of Islam to godhood. It speaks eloquently of the humility and selflessness of Muhammad (s.a.w.), who easily could have been acknowledged (had he only wished so) as a deity in those days when people were used to worship human beings; and especially so when people were so much impressed by his matchless character and unparalleled conduct that a mere hint would have been enough to make him a god.

He did not want the people to take him as other than a man. He never gave any room in any of his utterances which would in the least mislead the people to raise him to godhood.

We know how easily a ‘son of man’ can be construed to be a god if he is metaphorically spoken of as a ‘son of God’. Muhammad avoided all such metaphorical references about himself. He always proclaimed all power, knowledge and glory for the true God. He always presented himself as a servant of Allah who did nothing but the will of his Lord. The frankness with which he always presented himself to the world entitled him to the title ‘The Plain Preacher’. As he has been addressed by Allah in the Holy Qur’an. He presented the truth in its pristine purity and originality without any misleading ambiguity.