Abbreviations and Qur’anic Names Used in this Book

Abbreviation Table

A) From expressions in English
* (PBUH) is an abbreviation for "peace be upon him or her"
* (PBUT) is an abbreviation for "peace be upon them"
* (A.H.) for After Hijrah (the Migration from Makkah to Madinah)
* (B.H.) for Before Hijrah
* (L.H.C.) for Lunar Hijri Calendar
* (S.H.C.) for Solar Hijri Calendar

B) From expressions in Arabic
* (SA) is an abbreviation of an Arabic expression, meaning: Allah's peace and blessing be upon him and his kinsfolk
* (A.S.) means: peace (salam) be upon him or her
* (R.A.) means may Allah be pleased with him
* (A.ft) means may Allah accelerate his Noble Manifestation (Relief)

English Equivalent of Quranic Names

Hadrat Ibrahim, A.S. - Prophet Abraham, PBUH
Hadrat Idris, A.S. - Prophet Enoch, PBUH
Hadrat Ishaq, A.S. - Prophet Isaac, PBUH
Hadrat Isma’il, A.S. - Prophet Ishmael, PBUH
IIadrat ‘Isa Masih, A.S. - Prophet Jesus Christ, PBUH
Hadrat Adam, A.S. - Prophet Adam, PBUH
Hadrat al‑Yasa’, A.S. - Prophet Elisha, PBUH
Hadrat Ayyub, A.S. - Prophet Job, PBUH
Hadrat Dawad, A.S. - Prophet David, PBUH
Hadrat Hud, A.S. - Prophet Had, PBUH
Hadrat Jibril, A.S. - Angel Gabriel, PBUH
Hadrat Musa, A.S. - Prophet Moses, PBUH
Hadrat Nuh, A.S. - Prophet Noah, PBUH
Hadrat Salih, A.S. - Prophet Salih, PBUH
Hadrat Shu’ayb, A.S. - Prophet Jethro, PBUH
Hadrat Sulayman, A.S. - Prophet Solomon, PBUH
Hadrat Ya’qub, A.S. - Prophet Jacob, PBUH
Hadrat Yahya. A.S. - Prophet John the Baptist, PBUH
Hadrat Yunus, A.S. - Prophet Jonah, PBUH
Hadrat Yusuf, A.S. - Prophet Joseph, PBUH