Unending glory to God, The Exalted, Who granted me the primary inspira­tion and stamina all along to complete this humble work. This small contribution, if just and correct, is only a drop of appreciation for His ocean of munificence.

Every individual member of my family was a source of motivation and stimulation for the production of this modest contribution, possibly with­out being aware of this influence. This work would never have been initiated, pursued, or completed had it not been for their love, next to the reverence and the cause of Almighty God. I felt their inspiration behind every letter, word and keystroke, all along. May God bless them with Great reward for their mysterious hidden inducement. They have gracefully sacrificed the time, attention and other resources that would have been available to them had I not diverted my attention to this effort. May God always protect them from all devils and guide them in the right direction.

I am greatly indebted to Muhsin Jahangiri, professor of philosophy at the Faculty of Literature and Human Sciences of the University of Tehran. He generously donated his time, in Oxford, to examine this very humble contribution in detail from an ideological viewpoint. I am very grateful for his valuable contribution and encouragement.

I am greatly indebted to the late Charles L. Janssens, retired professor of French, German and English at various institutions (including the University of Arizona, San Jose State University, California, and the University of Houston, Texas) and ex‑Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature at Jundi Shapur University, Iran.

He has kindly and sincerely donated much of his valuable time to scrutinize this work from the English‑language point of view. It is regrettable that Janssens passed away on 27th of November 1995, only a few months after his lasting contribution in this work. May God bless him for his sincere assistance.

Last, but definitely not least, I am also greatly indebted to 'Tahereh Saffarzadeh, popular and prominent poet, whose thought‑provoking message has reached all corners of the world. This dynamic pious lady studied in Iran, England and America in contemporary literature with special focus on major poets, practical literary criticism and translation.

On returning home, she felt mostly concerned about the anti‑traditional and "westernized intellectuals" who lose their identity and become disloyal and insincere toward their own countries, nations, and genuine culture and heritage. Her sincerity toward the oppressed is obvious in her wide‑ranging work. She has written eight volumes of poems in addition to other valuable publications. She adores the Glorious Qur'an incessantly and looks for her poetic expressions in this Noble Book and the rich Islamic traditions, in a world governed by laic and vulnerable minds.

Saffarzadeh, the most distin­guished poet of Islamic thoughts, has also served as a university teacher, and in several reforming and constructive cultural and educational projects. Currently she is in charge of reviewing, composing and producing high standard university books in English, in addition to other activities, including translation of the Glorious Qur'an into English. She has helped me tremendously to finalize this book.