In my humble opinion, the most important issue in any religion is the ques­tion of Divine Scripture. This is the focal point of all ideas, concepts, rules and laws, social orders, important events and figures in that religion. This is why in the Holy Qur'an Allah the Exalted frequently talks about "people of the book".

Due to the paramount importance of the Scripture, the enemies of Islam have done their best to discount the value of the Glorious Qur'an. Maurice Bucaille in his book, The Origin of Man, says:

"As most people in the West have been brought up on misconceptions concerning Islam and the Qur'an; for a large part of my life, I myself was one such person .... As I grew up, I always thought that `Mahomet' was the author of the Qur'an; I remember seeing French translations bearing this information. I was invariably told that the `author of the Qur'an' simply compiled, in a slightly different form, stories of sacred history taken from the Bible; the `author' was said to have added or removed certain passages, while setting forth the principles and rules of the religion he himself had founded .... This description of the origins of the Qur'anic text, which is so out of touch with reality, might lead one immediately to assume that if there are scientific errors in the Bible, there must also be errors of this kind in the Qur'an! This is the natural conclusion to be drawn in such circumstances, it is based on misconception ...."

I hope that with this introductory book I have been able to draw a more representative picture of the Glorious Qur'an. It may be a drop in the ocean to remove the satanic misconceptions brought about by those who felt the Glorious Qur'an conflicted with their interests.

I hope I have been humbly able to explain the yardstick with which a Divine Scripture may be gauged. I sincerely feel sad, particularly for the young people seeking a way, to see that they become victims of Western propaganda against Islam and the Glorious Qur'an, and to see that they are deceived by some so‑called religions which have no Divine legitimacy. May Allah the Exalted be with them, protect them and guide them to the Straight Path. I hope this small contribution will be found helpful in this respect.

I have seen, and heard of, people who cannot bear the initial impact of the Glorious Qur'an when they open this Great Book for the first time. This fright often causes them to close the Book, and thus close to themselves that ocean of wisdom and blessings. I hope this book has served the purpose of providing a comprehensive image of the Glorious Qur'an, the perfected and the unique Divine Book, so that the reader may have some idea about what he or she should expect from this Noble Scripture. No doubt there are shortcomings in this treatise, as we, the created, are limited in our abilities.

This ends all that was intended to be included in this work, though there is no end when it comes to writing about the Noble Qur'an. May Allah bless this service, and all the good intentions that have been my motivations for it. Without His consent and will, nothing could have been accom­plished. So, thanks to Almighty Allah for His graceful inspiration and strength with which we have been able to produce this work. He is Sufficient and the best Guide.

May the peace and blessings of Allah the High, be on all nabiys of Allah, on the seal of the prophets and his kinsfolk, and upon those who transcend in following His Path.

15 Sha’ban1 1416, L.H.C.
17 Day 1374, S.H.C
7 January 1996, A.D.

Praise and thanks are for Allah,
The Lord of the Worlds
  • 1. This book was almost completed some six months ago, needing only a final review. For reasons unknown to me then, a host of pressing matters prevented me from accomplishing this small task. Irritated (naively), I set the target of 27th of Rajab for completion, a noble Holy Day, commemorating the Mab’ath of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and the receipt of the first wahy, see A) 19 on page 27. But serious unexpected matters still prevented me from finalising the work even by this date.

    Today, I was pleasantly astonished when I put 15th of Sha’ban down as completion date! This is not a coincidence. I believe Allah the Exalted intended this sacred and blissful completion date for this work, and I did not know it. I cannot thank Him enough for granting me such a great blessing. The 27th of Rajab and the 15th of Sha’ban are both very honourable and important sacred dates. They both are as vital as ever today. The latter is a noble Holy Date, much‑celebrated as the birthday of Al‑Mahdi al‑Qa'im, the 12th infallible imam (A.F.), the Divine Saviour whose Noble manifestation shall guide the misguided to the Straight Path, dissolve all religious differences, and establish Almighty Allah's Universal code of justice and His world government on earth, in a true sense of Tawhid: One Allah, One din, One planet, One humankind, and One standard of Justice, i.e., One order of government for all. The gravity of today's laic world "order" and its associated oppression and double standard calls urgently for the much‑needed Noble manifestation of our Saviour. May Allah the Exalted grant me the potential and the honour to compile a presentation of this Munificent infallible holy personality, in English. Insha Allah!