Surahs of the Glorious Qur’an

A complete table of the surahs of the Glorious Quran is presented here for reference. It may be found useful, not only for the meaning of all surahs in English, but also for the accurate pronunciation through transliteration characters:

Surah Name Definition Number
Al-Fatihah The opening surah 1
Al-Baqarah The cow 2
Ali-‘Imran The ‘Imran people 3
An-Nisa’ The Women 4
Al-Ma’idah The Divine food 5
Al-An’am The cattle 6
Al-Anfal The booty of war 8
The repentance
Yunus The Prophet Jonah (pbuh) 10
Hud The Prophet Hud (pbuh) 11
Yusuf The Prophet Joseph (pbuh) 12
Ar-Ra’ad The thunder 13
Ibrahim The Prophet Abraham (pbuh) 14
Al-Hijr The rocky cave 15
An-Nahl The honeybee 16
Al-Isra’ The Divine night journey 17
Al-Kahf The cave 18
Maryam Holy Mary (pbuh) 19
Ta-Ha Ta-Ha Divine code 20
Al-Anbiya’ The prophets 21
Al-Hajj The Makkah pilgrimage 22
Al-Mu’minun The believers 23
An-Nur The Light 24
Al-Furqan The Criterion for Distinction 25
Ash-Shu’ara’ The poets 26
An-Naml The ant 27
Al-Qasas The narratives 28
Al-Ankabut The spider 29
Ar-Rum The Romans 30
Luqman Luqman, the wise man 31
As-Sajdah The prostration 32
Al-Ahzab The Confederates (The Parties) 33
Saba The city of Saba 34
Fatir Originator of creation 35
Ya-Sin Ya-Sin Divine code 36
As-Saffat The rangers 37
Sad Sad Divine code 38
Az-Zumar The companions 39
Ghafir (Mu’min) The Forgiver (The Believer) 40
(Hamim Divine code)
Ash-Shura The Council 42
As-Zukhruf Gold adornments 43
Ad-Dukhan The smoke 44
Al-Jathiyah The hobbling 45
Al-Ahqaf The sand-dunes 46
Muhammad The Prophet Muhammad (SA) 47
Al-Fath The victory 48
Al-Hujurat The chambers 49
Qaf Qaf Divine code 50
Adh-Dhariyat The scatterers 51
At-Tur The name of a mountain 52
An-Najm The star 53
Al-Qamar The moon 54
Ar-Rahman The Beneficent 55
Al-Waqi’ah The Great Inevitable Event 56
Al-Hadid The iron 57
Al-Mujadalah The pleading one 58
Al-Hashr The Mustering 59
Al-Mumtahinah The examined one 60
As-Saff The ranks 61
Al-Jumu’ah The Friday prayer 62
Al-Munafiqun The hypocrites 63
At-Taghabun The day of excessive loss 64
At-Talaq The Divorce 65
At-Tahrim The prohibition 66
Al-Mulk The kingdom 67
Al-Qalam The pen 68
Al-Haqqah The inevitable calamity 69
Al-Ma’arij The Lord of Ascension 70
Nuh The Prophet Noah (pbuh) 71
Al-Jinn The jinn 72
Al-Muzzammil Enrapped in cloaks 73
Al-Muddaththir The one wrapped up 74
Al-Qiyamah The resurrection 75
Al-Insan (Dahr) The humankind (The time) 76
Al-Mursalat The continual Risalah 77
An-Naba’ The tiding 78
An-Nazrat The plucking angels 79
‘Abasa He frowned 80
At-Takwir The eclipse of the sun 81
Al-Intifar The time of splitting of the sky 82
Al-Mutaffifin The Deceivers in measuring 83
Al-Inshiqaq The bursting 84
Al-Buruj The Celestial stations 85
At-Tariq The night star 86
Al-A’la The most high 87
Al-Ghashiyah The overwhelming calamity 88
Al-Fajr The daybreak 89
Al-Balad The city 90
Ash-Shams The sun 91
Al-Layl The night 92
Ad-Duha The brightness 93
Expansion (of inner light) 94
At-Tin The fig 95
Al-‘Alaq The blood clot 96
Al-Qadr The Excellence 97
Al-Bayyinah The clear evidence 98
Az-Zilzal The earthquake 99
Al-‘Adiyat The runners 100
Al-Qari’ah The Clamour 101
At-Takathur The rivalry in worldly increase 102
Al-‘Asr The promised age 103
Al-Humazah The Backbiters 104
Al-Fil The elephant 105
Quraysh Quraysh people 106
Al-Ma’un The Charity 107
Al-Kawthar The Abundance
(Heavenly Fountain)
Al-Kafirun The Unbelievers 109
An-Nasr The Support (of Allah) 110
Al-Lahab The Flame 111
The Absolute purity
(The Divine Unity)
Al-Falaq The dawn 113
An-Nas The people 114