Muslims in Great Britain

There is a substantial Muslim community in Great Britain and at times there occur conflicts between them and other communities.

It is wrong to link racism with religion. Racism is an attitude of hostility based upon racial prejudice. This is often exploited by unscrupulous politicians and community leaders for their own ends.

Unfortunately, both the victims and the perpetrators of racial prejudice tend to foster the image of it being the result of the diversity in religious beliefs. This often rallies support for the victim community and provides the perpetrators with the mantle of defending their faith.

At the same time there is amongst the indigenous population a fear, nurtured by irresponsible media, that Islam poses a threat to their community.

If a solution is not found, and found soon, the Muslim communities could be driven to extreme ethnicity with the future generation growing up as pariahs in their own country.

Consideration must be given to promoting a better understanding of Islam in the indigenous population. For this both the communities will need to strive hard.

Islam is a tolerant religion. It accepts Christianity and Judaism as sister faiths and respects other religions as well. The Muslims are enjoined to respect churches, synagogues and other places of worship.

There is a need to ensure that each side is enriched by the values of the religion of the other through amicable inter-action without anyone from either side losing his identity.

To ensure harmony efforts must be made to create a community of British Muslims rather than a community, or a number of communities, of Muslims in Britain.