8. The Contents of Nahju ‘l-Balaghah

There are many subjects and topics in the Nahju ‘l-Balaghah, approached in various ways. I do not claim to have analysed the Nahju ‘l-Balaghah as it deserves, and I hope to see someone who will attempt to research into this area more deeply.

A glance at the various subject-matters of the Nahju ‘l-Balaghah will not be out of place:

1. Theology and metaphysics.
2. Spiritual way-faring and worship.
3. Governance and justice.
4. Ahlu al-Bayt and khilafat.
5. Exhortation and wisdom.
6. The world and worldliness.
7. Heroism and Courage.
8. Vicissitudes and the divine secrets.
9. Invocations.
10. Complaints against, and criticisms of, contemporary people.
11. Social principles.
12. Islam and the Qur’an.
13. Morals and refining of the self.
14. Personalities, etc.

As it is clear from the list, my book does not claim that these subjects cover all the topics discussed in the Nahju ‘l-Balaghah. Nor do I claim that my writing is the final word on the subjects discussed therein. Whatever is expressed in this book is nothing more than a mere glance. May Allah grant me an opportunity in the future for further study, or bless others for this noble work.