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Islam and the Rights of Privacy Territory


Human rights have always been an interesting and challenging issue of every community.
In this book the author has done a wonderful job in dissecting the issues regarding privacy. Whether we talk about privacy on an individual level, social, territorial Oradea any other type of privacy you will find explanations and examples that will help you understand it's importance.

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Islam and the Rights of Privacy Territory Abbass Khajeh Piri, Ph. D University Professor and Attorney at Law Reference: Book of Islamic Human Rights (3) Publisher: Bethat Islamic Research Centre (BIRC) Qom - Iran Asare Sabz Publication Year of Publishing: 2012/First Edition No. of Pages: 75 Size: 12×24 ISBN: 9766009360925 Circulation: 1000 Price: All rights reserved. Reproduction of the book with written permission from the publisher is permitted.