Privacy Challenges in Today World

Today, privacy right faces important challenges and troubles for several reasons in a way that the continuation of this sanctuary right is confronted serious threats and plagues. Some of these challenges and their reasons are:

The development of advanced and modern technologies in the present century and human achievements in these sciences and technology facilities, besides all their own great and positive advantages, make people’s privacy to be violated. It causes the exposure of all people’s lives corners to the public presence and view as though people were living in a glass room. When their lives became apparent before the public, their privacy was taken from them. Particularly, the speed development and expansion of technologies results in destruction of boundaries and limitations. So, taking care of people’s privacy confronts with serious impediments and challenges.

The governments' unreal and show-like pretending to respect to human rights, political freedoms and people’s individualistic privacy and considering them as a criterion for democracy from one side and the influences and consequences of exceeding inputting it as a criterion for states from the other side results in limitation of this right practically and makes it a serious challenge in different societies, particularly western countries, and limits the society individuals from enjoying of their privacy right.

Disagreement about an inclusive and perfect definition of privacy right and people’s loneliness area and creation of limitation by governments by means of legislation or with the excuse of keeping national security cause important challenges in this area and facilitate any restricting or violation of people’s privacy.

Due to the importance of the moral criteria influences on protecting of people’s privacy, deterioration of the society's moral values, particularly in western societies, caused that considering and observing of people’s privacy lose its supports of moral values and are exposed to danger. This is turning to be the main challenge in Laic and non-religious societies of the developing of technologies and facilitation of easier presence in others’ privacy from one side and expansionism of immorality and recklessness in new generations from the other side.

Governments appealing to excuses such as the necessity of a fully-fledged campaign against terrorism besides justifying exertion of general freedom limitation like freedom of speech or other political and social freedoms, causes violation of people’s privacy through controlling of conversations, correspondences and other communicative methods of them. It faces people’s privacy with challenges while some governments due to their own policies requirements support formation of terrorist organization and groups or play important and basic roles in the expansion of their non-humanistic activities and actions.

Advertising-like and irrational expansion of people’s privacy in the west, with consideration and political aims and its non-realism, practically causes the creation of contrast and challenge in the societies. As examples the issues of freedom of sexual relation and the legalizing of abortion which cause many difficulties for western societies can be referred to. Such expansionism while apparently are fulfilled with the aim of people’s privacy expansion, its consequences brings not but the creation of grounds for more violation of people’s privacy or assaulting humanistic personality of people.

Surprising promotion of the places of the media, wide social channels and developed instruments like internet and the legality of the media interference in people’s privacy and their impression in fast and wide transferring of people’s personal information and above-all impossibility of a satisfactory control and infinity of such instruments is changed to be a great challenge in human societies. With the expansion of such facilities, the importance of this challenge is enhanced specially as the kind of publicized information, classification of the addresses and people’s access to this information are not controllable. In many instances for pretending to not limiting the free information stream, violation and transgression of people’s privacy is known as permissible and in fact people’s privacy right is sacrificed for the principle of free information stream.

Advertising against people in the media and public channels with the excuse of informing, creation of pessimism toward advertising people before the public thoughts, misusing and misinterpretation and distortion of people’s words and speeches in the media, illegal using of people’s personal name and identity for advertising purposes, with the aim of creating attractive, and competition cause the destruction of people’s privacy area.