Lesson 10: Human Being's Real Perfection

In The Name Of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

If you plant a grain of wheat in the ground and water it regularly, what changes will you see? Which path will it take? Does it have a certain goal? Does it move towards a specific goal?

Yes, a grain of wheat from the beginning has a determined goal and moves towards it, and in order to reach that aim grows and develops. In other words, the grain of wheat first grows roots in the soil, then sprouts up, becomes green and little by little grows and becomes a stalk of wheat. Each grain of wheat becomes several stalks and the stalks a crop which is harvested and is then beneficial to thousands of people.

All plants, like wheat, grow and develop and follow a specific purpose which has been determined for them.

If you plant an apple seed in the ground and water it, from the beginning you know that this small seed has a destination and will move towards its goal, it will grow and develop. The seed will grow roots, sprout up out of the ground and grow green and grow larger and larger. Each day growing more than the day before until finally it blossoms, and the beautiful blossoms become apples and in this way that small seed reaches perfection and provides man with the fruits of its endeavors.

The All-Knowing, All Powerful Allah, who created everything also provided a way to perfection for all things and the means to reach their peak of perfection.

For example, plants like the grain of wheat and the apple seed, need water, soil, sunlight and air in order to grow, and Allah created (water, soil, sunlight, and air) so that plants can develop.

Man must also grow and develop, but how? With what system? Who knows what things the spirit and soul of man requires? Or how it develops?

Of course, the Creator of mankind knows well what the needs of man are. Only He knows of the mysteries of creation, and knows of man's future in the hereafter. For this reason, He provided a specially planned system for man's development and sent it to man through His prophets. He ordered man to follow the commands of the Holy prophets in order to find salvation in both worlds.

The last and most specific plan for perfection was sent for all through His last Prophet, Muhammad (S.A.W.). This method of development is called, Islam. It is the responsibility of the Prophet (S.A.W.) to explain to the people this Islamic system of life and then the responsibility is passed down through the divine descendants and the just, aware, jurisprudent who guides the society and they all guide man towards one superior and humanitarian life.

Think And Answer

1. Apple seeds and other plants have a destination. Explain this.

2. What do plants need for their growth and development?

3. Have these, the needs for their growth, been created for them?

4. Who can prepare a system for the development of man? Why?

5. How did Allah send His method of human development?

6. Who has brought the last and most specific system of development to us?

7. What is the name of this developmental system?

8. Who shall explain this Islamic system of life to the people?