Lesson 17: Unclean Things

In The Name Of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Do you know why you became ill? Would you re- cognize those things which are unclean? Many of the diseases, such as Typhoid fever, Cholera, Tuberculosis, and Infant Polio, are caused by the existence of many tiny particles, known as bacteria and viruses. The main places where these are to be found are dirty, infected places, where they can be nourished and where they multiply. Bacteria present in one's dwelling, are actually beneficial, but if they become transferred into the human body they will become harmful and cause illness.

Now, perhaps you can say: Why we become sick?

And what we should do in order to prevent disease? The best way to prevent disease is to observe hygiene and cleanliness. In order to prevent ourselves becoming sick we should keep contamination far from us, and always keep our living environment clean. Would you recognize those things which are unclean and contaminated by bacteria? Do you know that, human feces and those of animals unlawful to eat, are where the main concentrations of harmful bacteria are to be found? Do you know that human urine, and that of animals unlawful to eat is dirty and poisoned? Do you know that when blood comes out of the body, many bacteria attack it? Did you know that those bacteria which live side by side with dogs or pigs are very harmful to human life and physical health? Did you know that any dead animal or corpse, is a center for the growth, nourishment and reproduction of bacteria?

The Law-Giver of Islam knew all this and for this reason and many others, He has caused these, and certain other things to be known as impure and ritually unclean, and ordered the Muslims to keep themselves and. there living environment, free of them.

As a general rule, a Muslim person, will keep away from anything which causes illness to body or soul, or contaminates ones spirit and intellect.

Some of the things which are known in Islam as being impure and ritually unclean, consist of:

1. Human urine and feces, and those of animals unlawful as food (almost all flesh-eating animals).

2. The blood, and the corps of any animal wherein the blood still flows.

3. Dogs and pigs.

4. Wine and beer and any intoxicating substance.

5 "Kafir"-(unbelievers) who don't worship the One Allah.

The body, clothes and living environment of the Muslim person must be free of these substances.

Do you know how to keep your body, clothes and living environment free from them?

1. What things must a Muslim avoid?

2. What should we do to prevent sickness?

3. Count those things which are considered unclean (najis).

* After careful discussion, write full and exact answers to these questions in your exercise book.


1. Ask your parents about the methods by which unclean things may be purified and learn them.

2. Talk to one member of your family about the contents of the lesson, if he does not know them teach him.