Lesson 19: Hajj, A Blessed Act of Worship

In The Name Of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

I live in Cairo, and last year, with my mother and father, I travelled to Hejaz, in order to participate in the Hajj (pilgrimage). What a great enjoyable journey it was! I just wish you could have come too and seen the blessed Hajj ceremonies from close quarters!

When we reached 'Miqat' we took off our colored clothing and put on plain white garments 'lhram'. When I had put on my 'Ihram', my father said, "My child! You are now 'Mohrem'. Do you know that, now you are in 'Ihram', you should think even more about Allah? Do you know that, when you are in the state of 'Ihram' you must not lie? Or swear? You must not hurt living creatures and you must not fight or argue with anyone. You can be victorious over your feelings now and in the future. My child! The Pilgrimage to the House of Allah, is a great act of worship and also a great training school. In this school there are lessons of simplicity, equality, humility and etc. to practice."

Having put on the plain clothes of 'Ihram' (the same as the other pilgrims) and saying, 'Labaik' we set off to- wards Mecca. Thousands of people of various races, and from different countries, wearing the pure, plain clothes of 'Ihram ', alike, with one voice said, 'Labaik ", and hurried towards Mecca ...

We reached Mecca and eagerly went to the Masjid-ul-Haram to make circumambulation. Oh! How beautiful and full of blessings! Waves of people, every aware individual reminded me of the Day of Judgement, and dis- played the magnificence of the Lord of the Universe.

We went round and round the Ka'aba and afterwards performed the rest of the spiritual Hajj ceremonies. The performance of this blessed act of worship, the Hajj had other benefits for us too. My father, spoke with the Muslims from other countries about behaviors, morals, political affairs, and economic matters and he became informed about their culture. He explained these things for my mother and I and our friends and acquaintances.

In this way, we became aware of the situation of Muslims in other countries, and we became familiar with the epic events within our own country. We particularly gained a lot of helpful information about the Iranian Islamic Revolution.

It is compulsory for every Muslim who has the means, to go once to the Ka'aba to take part in the blessed Hajj ceremonies. He will return with perfect faith and a radiant heart.

Think And Answer

1. What are the duties of the one who puts on lhram? What things must be avoid?

2. What lessons are we putting into practice when we perform the Hajj?

3. Whom do we think of when we perform the Hajj?

4. What are the benefits of Hajj?

5. On w horn is Hajj obligatory?

6. What has Imam Sadegh (A.S.) said about Hajj?

* After careful discussion, write full and exact answers, to these questions in your exercise book.

* Talk with someone who has performed his Hajj, and ask him about his memories of it. Read this lesson for him.

* Who, among your family and friends, wants to go for Hajj? Go and see them, and talk to them about the benefits of Hajj, and read this lesson for them.