Lesson 3: The Green Leaves Of Plants Or Beautiful Theology Books

In The Name Of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

We all need food; we couldn't live or work without food. Trees and plants provide food for us; the green leaves of plants are small food-producing factories; working to provide food for us.

Plants like the apple tree get water and minerals from the ground and carry food to the leaves through the branches.

Carbon dioxide which is in the air is absorbed through microscopic holes in the leaves, the light and energy of the sun shines on the leaves. With this combination, the factory of green leaves goes to work and with the help of the sun's rays makes food.

Plants produce more food than they require. A portion of what they produce, they use to keep alive and grow and what is left over is stored for our use.

Sheep and cows also need food; they eat grain and green grass and provide for us, milk, butter, cheese, yogurt and meat. Chickens also eat grain and provide meat and eggs. All animals need plants to survive; their food is made up of green plants.

No human or animal can produce their own food without the help of plants, for all are dependent on plants.

Man is dependent on both plants and animals and animals depend on plant life, and plants require water, soil, carbon dioxide and sunlight to produce their food.

See how the Mighty, All-Knowing created the sun in such a way that it shines upon the earth radiating light and energy so that plants are able to provide food for us?

What powerful intelligence created such systematic and coordinated trees and plants and gave their beautiful green leaves the ability to make food?

Could an unknowing, unintelligent being be able to bring about such magnificent order and harmony?

Never! On the contrary, a mighty and intelligent Power brought this system of order into existence and fore- saw all the needs of every creature. This intelligent and powerful Creator, loves us so much that He provided all our needs and bestowed on us the ability to think and reason so that we may use our minds to strive towards making the world green and free; a land of plenty. We also love Him, and thank Him for His blessings, follow His guidance and strive to put it into practice. Who better than Allah to guide us and set us free?

Think And Answer

1. What is bread made from?

2. What do the stalks of wheat need in order to provide grains of wheat?

3. If the sunlight does not shine on the wheat stalks will there be grains?

4. If green plants didn't make grains of wheat and other food would we be able to make our own food?

5. Who provided our needs and created this orderly system?

6. What are our responsibilities to Him and His blessings?