Lesson 4: Can It Be Seen?

In The Name Of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

This is a picture of a bicycle. You've all seen a bicycle. Name the different parts of a bicycle which you see here. The light, handlebars, frame, pedals, chain, wheels.

Does a bicycle have intelligence? Surely your answer is no! A bicycle doesn't have wisdom or understanding.

This is a picture of Mahmood. Mahmood is drawing a picture. See what a beautiful dove he has drawn!

Does Mahmood have intelligence? Can you see his wisdom and understanding?

Can you say that because his intelligence cannot be seen that he does not have any?

Surely your answer is that: wisdom and understanding cannot be seen. But we are able to see the signs and effects of wisdom and understanding and by observing these signs and effects we comprehend when someone has wisdom and understanding. Yes! Your answer is exactly right. Wisdom and understanding cannot be seen because they are not objects which you can see. Eyes and the other senses merely comprehend the qualities and effects of objects. Many things exist which we are not able to see, but we see their effects and thus believe in their existence.

Also, because Allah is not a physical being, we cannot see Him, nor by any of our other senses comprehend Him. But we witness the magnificent world which He created. From this sign of His power we are convinced of His Existence and can understand that He created and governs the whole wide world.

Think And Answer

1. Look at your friend, what do you see?

2. Can you see his (or her) intelligence?

3. Then how do you know that he (or she) has intelligence?

4. Can you say that because you are not able to see wisdom and intelligence that it does not exist?

5. What can our apparent visible senses comprehend?

6. Can Allah be seen?

7. Can Allah be comprehended by our other visible senses?

8. Can anyone say that because Allah cannot be seen that He doesn't exist?

Name some things that exist but cannot be seen.