Lesson 5: The Leader Of The Monotheists, Hadhrat Ibrahim

In The Name Of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

At the time of Hadhrat Ibrahim (A.S.), the people were ignorant and uninformed, they had long forgotten the advice and commandments of the previous prophets. They did not know the ways and customs of worshipping Allah, and instead of worshipping Allah they worshipped idols. The people made statues of stone, wood, gold and silver in the shape of humans and animals and they bowed down before these lifeless, powerless idols and made solemn vows, prayers, and offered sacrifices to them. Some people were sun worshippers, while others worshipped the moon and stars.

Another group of ignorant people at that time were obedient to oppressors and dictators; they actually worshipped them, and believed that obedience to them was necessary and required, and without thinking they followed the orders of the oppressors. They humbled themselves, bowing down in the dirt, and declared their servitude to these terrible oppressors.

Allah selected Hadhrat Ibrahim (A.S.) and taught him the right path of living, ordering him to speak with the people and show them the way of worship and freedom.

Hadhrat Ibrahim (A.S.) told the people "What power do idols have that you bow down to them and worship them? What are these statues able to do? They don't see! They don't hear! They are of no benefit to you, nor can they harm you! Why do you humble yourselves before them? Why do you pray to them? Why do you worship and obey them?!"

The people who heard Hadhrat Ibrahim (A.S.) didn't even think about what he had said and they replied "Our forefathers and ancestors were idol worshippers. Our friends and acquaintances are also idol worshippers. We shall follow our ancestors and remain with their religion."

Ibrahim (A.S.) spoke to them patiently, saying, “Your ancestors were mistaken and your forefathers were also wrong to worship idols. Don't you have any common sense of your own? Don't you have any understanding yourselves? Can't you see that these idols are unable to do anything? Why do you humble yourselves before oppressors and dictators? They are no better than yourselves, and all people are creatures and servants of Allah.

“O people! I am a Prophet of Allah, bringing a message from Him; a message of freedom and prosperity. Listen to what I have to say so that in this world and the next you may prosper. Your Allah is Lord of your free will. He created you and the heavens and earth, and He governs and supervises the world and all its inhabitants, giving them strength.

"All power is from Him, He has not entrusted anyone to govern the world nor received help from anyone. He is One, Free and Powerful."

Hadhrat Ibrahim (A.S.) continued, "I loathe these idols which you worship! I love Allah, and He alone do I worship, because Allah created us. Everything is in His hands-my life and death, the curing of my illnesses, my world and life after death, everything. I hope that on Resurrection Day, Allah will be compassionate and have mercy on me.

"O people! Be monotheistic, because all strength is from Allah; He is always free and powerful. He is your strength and support, and only Allah guides you. The message of Allah is to worship and obey only Him. Worship is only for Allah, other than Him no one is worthy of honor and worship. Your leader is Allah and he who Allah has determined."

Think And Answer

1. What did the ignorant people of Hadhrat Ibrahim's (A.S.) time worship? Who did they think it was necessary to obey?

2. What did Allah order Hadhrat Ibrahim (A.S.) to do?

3. What did Hadhrat Ibrahim (A.S.) tell the people? How did he explain to the people that idols are not worthy of worship?

4. Did the people think about or agree with what Hadhrat Ibrahim (A.S.) said? Why or why not?

5. What was their answer to Hadhrat Ibrahim (A.S.)? Was it right or wrong? Why?

6. Is it proper for one human being to accept servitude to another human being?

7. What was Hadhrat Ibrahim's (A.S.) reason for mono- theism? Why did he love Allah and worship Him alone?

8. Why is it that no one other than Allah is worthy of honor or worship?

9. Is someone who obeys a dictator a monotheist?

10. Who do we call a monotheist and what are the hopes of a monotheist?