Lesson 6: Are Good And Bad The Same To You?

In The Name Of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

You understand the meaning of good and bad, and certainly you can tell the difference between a good person and a bad one. A good person is one who is good tempered, honest, loyal and can be trusted, and a bad person is one who is bad tempered, dishonest, disloyal and a tyrant. Are good and bad people the same to you?

Don't you like good people? Aren't you annoyed with those who bother you and act badly?

Allah also loves those who do good deeds and is displeased with those who sin and do bad deeds. That is why He sent the prophets (praise be upon them) to invite all people to do good deeds and avoid evil.

Now consider these questions:

Won't all good people receive their just reward, and all bad people their punishment according to what they have done? Will the good and the bad receive the rewards and punishments for their deeds in this world? Where are the good people separated from the bad? Where will the consequences of one's deeds be seen?

Allah has another world, called the Hereafter or the everlasting world. In that world the good will be separated from the bad and will see the results of their actions. If there was no Hereafter and good people would never be rewarded, then for what reason would they do good deeds? Why should they abstain from sin and bad actions? If there was no everlasting world, the invitations of the prophets would have been useless. Being good or being bad would have no real meaning. If there was no eternal world coming up in our future, our lives would be futile and our creation pointless.

Did the All-Knowing, All-Powerful Allah create us merely so that we could live a few days on the earth? In other words: eat, sleep, write, play and then die, nothing else?! This is a futile and useless idea. Allah never does anything which is useless or without a cause.

Allah says in the Holy Qur'an that you were not created in vain, you were created and placed upon the earth to live and do good deeds in order to become worthy and perfected. Then you will pass from this world into the next so that there you may receive your just reward.'

In the Hereafter the good people are separated from the bad. Those who were faithful and righteous, and accepted the governance of Allah and the Divine prophets will go to heaven to live happily forever. Allah is pleased with them, and they in turn, arc happy and satisfied with the beautiful life and endless blessings of Allah. Those who were without religion and were wicked and accepted the leadership of oppressors and evil leaders will go to hell and receive the punishment from their wicked and evil deeds. Allah is angry with them and they will suffer torment and live very difficult, painful lives.

Think And Answer

1. What are the characteristics of a good person? A bad one?

2. Are good and bad people the same to you?

3. Are good and bad people equal in Allah's eyes?

4. What did the prophets invite mankind to do?

5. If good and bad people were the same to Allah, would there be a reason for sending the prophets? Why or why not?

6. Will the people of this world see the results of their actions?

7. Where will they receive their just rewards?

8. If there was no Hereafter, would good and bad have any meaning? Why or why not?

9. If there was no Hereafter, what reason would we have for living?

10. After we discover that there is a world after this one, what responsibility do we have? How must we live? What type of leader must we follow and obey?