Lesson 7: How Do The Dead Rise Up Again?

In The Name Of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Hadhrat Ibrahim (A.S.) was a Prophet of Allah, a governor and a leader of the people. He believed in Allah, the Day of Judgement and the Hereafter. He knew that on the Day of Judgement the dead would rise up and be judged, but in order to be certain he asked Allah to show him how the dead would live again. He said, "O Lord! Show unto me how the dead are made alive."

Allah commanded, " Do ye not have faith that the dead will rise up again?!"

Hadhrat Ibrahim (A.S.) answered, "O Lord! I believe, but I would like to see for myself."

Accepting his request, Allah ordered Ibrahim (A.S.} to find four different kinds of birds, kill them, grind up their feathers, flesh, and bones together and divide the pieces into several sections and then put each section on the top of a different mountain in the surrounding hills. Then he told Ibrahim (A.S.) to stand in the valley below and call each bird by name, "The birds will, by the Will of Allah, and at your request, live again and fly towards you. Be assured that your Lord is All-Knowing, All Powerful."

Hadhrat Ibrahim (A.S.} followed Allah's command and chose four birds: a peacock, a dove, a rooster and a crow, then he killed them, ground their flesh, feathers and bones together, divided them into sections and placed each section on the top of a mountain.

He then stood between the mountains in the valley below and called, "O, peacock! Come forth!'

The different parts of the peacock arose from the mountaintops, came together and moved towards Hadhrat Ibrahim (A.5.). The head and neck, the feet and feathers, the entire body became whole again. The peacock came to life, flapped its wings, and flew to Ibrahim (A.S.).

In the same way, the dove, the crow and the rooster also came to life again. Thus, Hadhrat Ibrahim (A.S.) witnessed, with his entire being, how the dead come to life again. He received complete assurance of the power of Allah and he better understood how the dead rise up again on Judgement Day.

Think And Answer

1. What did Ibrahim {A.S.) ask of Allah?

2. Why did he ask this of Allah?

3. What was Allah's answer? And what was His command?

4. How did Ibrahim (A.S.) carry out Allah's orders?

5. How did he bring the birds to life?

6. Who gave the 'Power of Life' to Ibrahim (A.S.)?

7. What did Ibrahim (A.S.) learn from this experience?