Lesson 8: How Do We Learn and How Are Habits Formed?

In The Name Of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

How do children learn to ride bicycles? What effect does the repetition of a deed or action have on our minds and bodies?

When an action {like riding a bike), is repeated several times, it effects our bodies and our minds, gradually habits are formed and it becomes easier for us to do it well.

Our handwriting, for example, is effected by practice. If you take care to write neatly, your handwriting will improve, but if you are careless it will have a bad effect and your handwriting will become worse.

Everything we do has an effect on our bodies as well as our minds and souls. Good deeds have good effects and bad deeds have bad ones.

Our Report Card Of Life

Good deeds effect our spirit and soul and give us a pure and radiant glow. By doing good deeds we may be- come closer and more attentive to Allah, and receive an inner satisfaction from doing good.

Sound beliefs, proper morals, and upstanding behavior aid in the development of our soul and spirit and make us radiant and joyous.

Bad deeds and unacceptable behavior also effect man, creating darkness and impurities in his soul. An impure spirit is heedless of Allah and becomes accustomed to bad deeds; gloomy and depressed. Unsound beliefs, improper morals and unacceptable behavior causes the deterioration of man's soul and prevents its perfection.

Our existence is not without reason, and the works we do are neither useless nor unaccountable. Everything we do, whether good or bad leaves its mark on us and will remain forever. We will see the results and effects of our every deed on Judgement Day: Heaven and all the bounties therein await those who are good and Hell, with all its torments await the bad.

All of our deeds, both good and bad, have been recorded on our report card of life and will remain forever. We may be unaware of what we do but our deeds are never erased, they remain safe-guarded by Allah. In the next world the curtain of unawareness will be pulled aside and all of our deeds will be revealed.

In the Holy Qur'an Allah says, "When man awaits judgement and sees tire record of all his actions he will say in dismay. ‘How is it possible that not a single deed has been forgotten?' "

Allah's reply arrives, "These deeds were with you all of your life but you were unaware of them, when your soul awakens you will see them all."

Also in the Holy Qur'an, Allah says, "He who does a good deed, will see it on judgement Day, arid he who does bad will witness what he has done on judgement Day."

We know now, that every single deed, both good and bad will never be erased, they will be recorded on our report card of life and will be judged in the Hereafter. Is it possible then, for us to be indifferent concerning our actions and behaviors? Doesn't our common sense tell us to obey Allah and act according to His commands? Doesn't our conscious tell us to follow Allah and His prophets?

Think And Answer

1. How do good deeds and proper behavior effect our soul?

2. Will our good and bad deeds be erased?

3. What effect do bad deeds and unacceptable behavior have?

4. What things bring us blessings and promote our perfection?

5. Where are our deeds recorded?

6. Where will we witness our deeds?

7. What does Allah say concerning our actions?

8. Now that we understand that all of our deeds are re- corded and kept until Judgement Day, what should we do? How should we live?