Lesson 9: Thoughts About Choosing A Path And Goal

In The Name Of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

In order to become successful in life, which path should we choose? In order to be happy in both this world and the next, what plans should we make? Have you thought about this?

Do you look to others and choose whatever path they have taken and follow whatever way of life they have chosen?

Have you ever given any thought to what your goal in life is? Have you considered how you should plan your life? You may say, 'The scholars and wise men will prepare a suitable plan for me.'

But, are they aware of all your needs, both in this world and the next? Do they know what the hereafter is like? Who then is able to prepare a complete and beneficial system for man? Man himself or man's Allah, of course man's Allah. For He is the Creator of man and is knowledgeable concerning the mysteries of creation. Only He knows what the conditions of man's life in this world and the next are. Due to this fact, only Allah is capable of foreseeing and preparing a way of life and man's perfection. So the best way to salvation and perfection is the way that Almighty Allah has prepared and sent for man through His prophets. And those men who accept the leadership of the prophets and obey their commands will find freedom and salvation in this world and the next.

Think And Answer

1. Is it possible for you alone to plan a way of life which will lead to salvation in this world and the next? Why? Explain.

2. Can others? Why?

3. Then who can? Why?

4. Who has brought Allah's way to salvation to man?

5. If we want to find salvation in this world and the next, which way of life must we choose? Why?