Allah, Our Lord

If we see a beautiful picture painted on good canvas, do we not think that an artist produced it?

If we see an automatic machine, regularly manufacturing articles, are we not led to think that there is an engineer who made, designed and invented its system?

If we see a book written in any scientific field, surely we are aware that an author wrote it?

Surely the picture could not have been created without an artist!

Surely the machine could not work without an engineer!

Surely the book could not be written without an author!

Is it possible to say that this book in your hand was written by chance? Would you believe it if someone told you that it happened that the paper was scattered by wind, and ink was spilt on it, and thus the book was written?

Basic human sense does not believe such a supposition but rather, makes fun of it.

Thus everything needs a maker or a creator; nothing can come into existence without there being an originator: the creator.

Look at the sky and do you not wonder how the bright and beautiful sun sends down its light and heat to the people on earth? Look at the land upon which we live and ask how do plants grow on it?

Look at the water we drink, the air we breathe; the sun when it sets and the night when it comes; then, look at the beautiful stars which are impossible to count, and the light of the moon.

Look, and then think how were these wonders created and who then created them? Are they created by themselves or do they have a creator who made them?

They are as in need of a maker or a creator, as a house which needs a builder to be built; or a chair, on which we sit, needs a carpenter to be made; or a picture needs an artist in order to be painted, or a book needs an author to be written. And certainly Allah is their Creator and Maker Who created everything.

Let us ponder about ourselves and our bodies, and ask:

Who created us in this unique way?

Who gave us two eyes with which to see?

And the tongue with which we talk?

And two hands with which we work?

And two legs with which we walk?

And two ears with which we hear?

Who created the food we eat and the water we drink?

Not the farmer who cultivated the crops nor the plumber who connected the pipes.

Without food and water, one will surely die.

Who gave us the air which we breathe?

Without air, surely we will suffocate and die.

Indeed, our Creator is He Who created the heavens, the earth, water, air and the stars. And He is All-Great and All-Powerful. It is He Who created and provided us with all these amenities of life.