Allah's Wisdom

“O mankind, the Messenger has come to you with the truth from your Lord; so believe, it is better for you. And if you disbelieve, to Allah belongs all that is in the heavens and the earth; Allah is All-Knowing, All-Wise.” Holy Qur'an (4:170)

We have spoken about birds and how they care for their young and protect them from attack by predators.

You have also seen how they build their nests in distant and remote places as a safeguard. Different creatures respond in various ways to danger, like a mouse which automatically runs away when it sees a cat. But who taught them this behaviour?

Animals are neither able to think nor understand in a way similar to humans. But Allah, Who created them, has provided them with natural knowledge, the instinct to reproduce, to fear uncertain situations and threats, to know their enemies, where to build their homes, and numerous other abilities, differing according to their needs.

It is an impulse which exists in them, which certainly, Allah, the Almighty created, so that animals can live and guard their lives, and without which they would be unable to survive.

Certain animals, such as the chameleon, are even able to change colours according to the place in which they live in order to hide themselves so that those wanting to prey on them cannot distinguish them from the plants and stones around them.

For man, Allah the Most High created the thumb on our hands and made it parallel to four fingers. This thumb is made of two joints and without its styling, man would not be able to catch anything nor do many other tasks.

Progress in different fields would be strictly limited but for the unique system given to the hand. All these wonders are the result of Allah's wisdom. He is All-Wise. The meaning of wisdom is having sound judgement in using knowledge. Allah does not work in vain and without reason or purpose for what He creates.

Everything created is for the sake of this existence and nothing is defective as He never creates anything incomplete.

Therefore we say: 'Surely, Allah is All-Wise” because He created all for the use, and in the interests of, His creation.

To Allah belongs what is in the East and the West.