Hell is the dwelling place for the disobedient servant of Allah in the Hereafter.

Verily, the justice of Allah, the Most Glorious, is that He will treat every man according to his or her deeds. While the dwellers of Paradise have earned their destiny as a result of their righteous deeds, the corrupted and disobedient have their recompense in Hell where they will be imprisoned like a criminal jailed in this world. Some, such as disbelievers and polytheists will remain there forever; others will remain for long periods those who believed in Allah but disobeyed Him or committed crimes, or sins such as giving up praying.

Allah, the Most Glorious, describes the life in the Hereafter: Surely the dwellers of Hell will be tormented with unimaginable kinds of punishment which cannot be described. There is no likeness of such torment and suffering in our present world. They will be bound with long chains and cast into a blazing fire; such fire cannot be found in this world. This fire will blaze forever, guarded by angels.

The food of the inhabitants will be made of zaqqum tree oil (a cursed tree growing in Hell's lowest depths); their drink will be boiling water, they will be forced to drink the filthy pus oozing from their bodies - the result of intense punishment. There, such people will wish to die to cease their suffering but will find none to save them from such punishment. Allah will keep them alive and suffering, and whenever their skins are burned away, they will be replaced by another to be burned afresh.

Surely, the dwellers of Hell will cry out from the intense punishment but will find none to help. There is no escape and instead it will be said to them: 'Fie! You have no right to say a word.'