The Hereafter

If we look at a land upon which rain never falls, not even a drop, we consider that land barren, an empty desert. But if rain falls upon it or some other water reaches it, after a short time, we will see it changing, plants will grow. It would become a beautiful sight.

Who would have caused plants to grow and give life to this dead land?

Certainly, it is more than just water: It is He who gives life, Allah, the Almighty. It leads to thinking that He who can make plants grow out of dead soil has the capability to re-create man after his death.

It is clear that man has no existence before being fashioned in his mother's womb i.e. he was 'dead', then Allah created him by giving life. He Who created him for the first time is also able to re-create him after his death again.

Once, a polytheist came to Prophet Muhammad [s], carrying in his hand a bone from an old camel, and said: “How will your Lord re-create this rotting bone?” Then, Allah revealed through His Prophet the following answer:

“Says he: Who can give life to (dry) bones and decomposed ones (at that)? Say: He will give life to them Who brought them into existence the first time, for He is well-versed in of all creation.” Holy Qur'an (36:78-79)

Thus, we know that He Who creates our world can certainly re-create the Hereafter.

Allah, the Most Glorious, gives life to people after their death and judges them on their deeds. Whoever does good deeds, Allah will allow him to enter Paradise and live there happy ever after, but whoever does evil deeds and disobeys Him, He will cast him/her into hell to live there tormented.

Say: I seek refuge in the Lord of the dawn, from the evil of what he was created.