“In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.” Holy Qur'an (1:1)

This phrase is spoken millions of times every day! Is this not amazing?

Not only is this benediction repeated a MINIMUM of 20 times each day by every Muslim as he says his daily prayers, but it is expressed many more times each day by Muslims at the beginning of meetings, lectures, speeches and social gatherings. Consider that there are more than one billion Muslims in our world today and realize how many times this one phrase is uttered. That's amazing!

What does it mean? Who is Allah? What does He do that makes us to begin every task, every thought, every action in His name? How can we know Him? How can we see His signs? How can we understand what He wants from us?

This booklet, the first of a series, gives us some answers to these and many other questions that arise in our hearts everyday about Allah, Most High.

We pray that this booklet will help our dear readers and that it will guide them on their journey through life to accomplish their task of obeying the Will of Allah in every aspect of their behaviour.

With Allah comes success.

Al-Balagh Foundation