Need to Worship

The Almighty Allah has said:

“And I have not created the jinn and the people except that they should worship Me.” Holy Qur'an (51:56)

“...there is no god but I; therefore worship Me (only) and keep up prayer in My remembrance.” Holy Qur'an (20:14)

Whoever thinks and ponders about this world and Allah's blessings will recognize not only the Greatness of the Creator and His might, but also the great favours of Allah, the Most High, has bestowed upon man.

Intellect, hearing, seeing, and endurance are but a few attributes. He prepared this earth for man with all its contents. He made everything in this life suitable and helpful to him, such as the sun, and the moon, and stars, the land and the sea, heat, and cold, humidity, air, food, water, animals and plants.

When thinking of Allah's greatness and His blessings, one recognizes the following:

Allah is certainly the Creator and the Owner of all creation.

He is the Manager and the Director of everything in this world, including plants, stars, land, man and animals...etc.

He is the Bestower of blessings upon man.

This knowledge makes us grateful to our Creator for creating us and bestowing His blessings upon us. Human sense and inner consciousness dictate it is obligatory to thank the benefactor. Therefore whosoever bestows any favours upon us or does us any goodness deserves our thanks and glorifying.

Indeed, Allah, the Most Glorious, is the source of all goodness and blessings. Among His great blessings upon us is that He created us and brought us into existence out of nothing. He gave us everything we need in this life, consequently He deserves the greatest thanks and worshipping.

Thus, one of the motives behind our worship of Him is because of His blessings upon us. Such benevolence should be met with gratitude, so we thank Him through our hearts and tongues and obey Him through our deeds.

We know that the All-Capable Creator has indeed created our world and the Hereafter. The Hereafter will be the world of judgement; of reward and punishment. We pray we will be worthy of Paradise and its blessings. So, worshipping and obeying Allah is not a choice, it is obligatory. It is the cause of saving man from punishment and torment. Man, when fearing any danger or harm, strives with all his might to save himself from such a threat, and certainly there can be no more important fate to prevent than the threat of Hell.

Surely, if man recognises Allah and believes in Him, his heart will be filled with love of Him, he will want to befriend Him and have a growing attachment to Him. Indeed, this love obliges man to obey and worship Him.

A lover neither angers his beloved nor does anything which dissatisfies him.

Hence, the following are the three reasons which make it compelling for us to thank, worship and obey Allah, the Almighty:

1. The need to thank the Blesser.

2. The need to safeguard oneself against harm in the Hereafter.

3. The love of Allah and being filled with desire to be close to Him.

Praise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds.