Paradise is the dwelling place for the obedient believers of Allah in the Hereafter.

Indeed, Allah has described for us life in Paradise by saying:

Surely the Paradise which He created for His obedient servants is as wide as the width of the heavens and the earth. In it there will be trees and fruits, of which their abundance will not be curtailed; springs flowing with delicious liquids such as nectar and ginger; rivers flowing with pure sweet water, honey and milk; different kinds of foods and meats, which mankind likes and enjoys.

There will exist everything which the believers desire, including beautiful sights and views that are a comforting to the hearts.

Their dwellings will be beautiful: great palaces and elegant mansions, furnished with exquisite carpet with various decorations.

There, the believers, with their companions, will sit on comfortable chairs. In their meetings, they will exchange conversation with each other, giving thanks and praise to Allah, the Almighty. They will be content with the blessings and peace that Allah has bestowed upon them. Their clothes will be made of luxurious green silk, and they will have bracelets of gold and silver.

Everything that exists in Paradise, including food, drink and palaces, has no equal or likeness in our present world.

In Paradise, there will be neither summer heat nor winter cold; neither is there day or night.

The dwellers will not suffer from illness nor be hurt nor sad. There will be no enmity or problems occurring among the dwellers. Thus, they will live in happiness, love and bliss and be served by servants the like if whom are not found on this earth.

Therefore, the dwellers of Paradise will live in blissful peace as a result of their righteous deeds and their sincerity to Allah, the Most High.

Life in Paradise will be everlasting. Thus man never dies there nor is transferred to another world.