Paradise And Hell

“Whoever does evil, he shall not be recompensed (with aught) but the like of it, and does good, male and female, and is a faithful, these shall enter the Garden, in which they shall be given sustenance without measure.” Holy Qur'an (40:40)

“And (as for) those who reject Our signs and turn away from them haughtily - these are the inhabitants of the Fire, dwelling there forever.” Holy Qur'an (7:36)

We mentioned in the previous chapter the world of the Hereafter...and we know that Allah, the Almighty, will give life to the dead on Resurrection Day. Souls will return to their bodies and people will be judged according to their deeds.

Man's existence in the Hereafter will be similar to his life in the present world. He will eat, drink, be happy or sad, think of and remember things which he did in his previous life.