Sources of Books Used

1. Tawdhiul Masail (Islamic Laws) of Imam Khumayni (may Allah be pleased with him)

2. Religious Enquiries of Imam Khumayni (may Allah be pleased with him). Printed in Qum by Islamic Publications in co-operation with the Council of Islamic Schools (1375)

3. Medicine in the Light of Ijtihad, Islamic Medical Questions from Ayatullah al-`Uzma Khamene’i. Published by Mabrur Cultural Assistance Organization (1375). Compiled by the director of health of Shahid Beheshti Hospital

4. Religious Enquiries from the office of the Supreme Leader Ayatullah al-`Uzma Khamene’i.

5. Religious Enquiries from the offices of the various Religious Scholars of the Shi`a and Ahl as-Sunnah

6. Islamic Medical Issues compiled by Muhammad Ruhani `Ali Abadi, Fatimah Nughani, Shur Imani

7. Islamic Narrations in relation to Married People and Family Ethics compiled by a group of Servants of Zahra

8. Islam and Family Planning, Sayyid Muhammad `Ali Iyari

9. Health and Family Planning, Ayatullah Shahid Doctor Beheshti, 1379, The Foundation overseeing the publishing of the works and thoughts of Shahid Ayatullah Doctor Beheshti

10. Family Planning in the Legacy of Islam, Abdel Rahim Omran, United Nations Population Fund, 1992